Key Skills: Customer Service, Merchandising, Organization, Product Knowledge, Quality Control, Product Receiving, Communication/Teamwork

I. Customer Service

  • Engage with all customers
  • Answer any and all questions, if you don’t know the answer refer to another source
  • Be courteous and helpful to all Customers

II. Merchandising

  • Make sure Department looks presentable
  • Product needs to be rotated and stocked neatly
  • Go through product, cull inferior product
  • Compost Product that is pulled from floor
  • Make sure signage is correct for all items
  • Front and Face product, pull out of date product

III. Organization

  • Ensure all product is rotated in back stock area
  • Make sure all product is labeled and dated
  • Make sure cases of product are placed and rotated appropriately
  • Make sure basic cleaning procedures are followed depending on shift duties
  • Maintain backstock area
  • Perform cleaning duties relating to maintaining backstock area
  • Note any ideas that may improve efficiency of organization

IV. Product Knowledge

  • Know or be willing to learn about produce, garden plants, and items
  • Have or be willing to learn basic knife and prep work skills
  • Be able to follow basic recipes
  • Be able to give product advice

V. Quality Control

  • Ensure all product is up to Ellwood’s Standards
  • Remove, shrink, and compost product that does not meet standards
  • Make sure plants are watered, remove dead ones, and compost

VI. Product Receiving

  • Sign for Product
  • Organize, label, and move product to appropriate storage area
  • Note any defective, ruined, or rotten product
  • Stack and move around product according to “First in First Out”

VII. Communication / Teamwork

  • Communicate effectively with other Stewards and Management
  • Refer to white board To-Do lists
  • View the department as a team, working together to ensure excellent service for our customers, and a beautiful, high-quality department
  • Keep open lines of communication with coworkers and management, looking for quick resolutions and always maintaining a positive work environment.
  • Help other Stewards with tasks that require it
  • Assist others in our department with watering, cleaning, stocking, merchandising, etc.
  • Try to have a good attitude and appreciate your coworker

The employees of Ellwood Thompson’s are a proud, knowledgeable, and diverse group of down-to-earth, talented, quirky and inspired individuals who are dedicated to a clear mission. Because of this and because we are a locally-owned and independent market, we don’t take the hiring process lightly. We only hire people who are as passionate and dedicated as the rest of our team.

Our full-time employees enjoy a benefits package that includes eligibility for comprehensive health and dental insurance (with an individual option at no premium cost), short-term disability and life insurance provided at no cost to them. All of our employees are offered store discounts as well as discounts from local businesses and other organizations we partner with, plus more.

If you believe you’d be a great addition to our team, be sure to browse the open positions listed below and follow the instructions on how to apply. Once you send us your application, there’s no need to follow up with a call – we’ll definitely let you know if you’re what we’re looking for.

If you are interested in this position please email your resume and cover letter or download and complete an application from our website.

Ellwood Thompson’s offers a great benefits package including group health and dental coverage with an option for health/dental insurance at no cost to the employee, STD and Life Insurance 100% paid by company, accrued paid time off, profit sharing, employee discounts, 401K after one year, and more!

How to Apply:

  1. Come into our store! We love putting faces to names. When you get here, walk up to our Customer Service desk and ask the Manager on Duty for an application. You can fill it out in-store or at home, but be sure to take your time. You’re free to attach your resume to your application – we love seeing resumes, too! Once you’re done, return your application to the Manager on Duty or anyone at the Customer Service desk.
  2. Download your Ellwood's Job Application (PDF) and fill it out, taking your time to make sure you give us everything we’re looking for. After you’re done email it to Jobs@Ellwoodthompsons.com or bring it in! Hand it to the Manager on Duty or anyone at the Customer Service desk.

Remember, most of our positions get filled quickly and we are looking for the best, so make sure you shine!

And again – no phone calls – you can bet we’re on top of it!

Thank you for your interest!

Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We love all walks of life.

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