Our Departments


Inside Our Grocery Store

Whether you’re shopping for ingredients to prepare that special dinner or you’re in search of everyday items, you’ll find that Ellwood Thompson’s carries all the essentials on your list. From produce and dairy to canned goods and paper products, we’re sure that you’ll leave with fresh, locally produced, environmentally friendly and high quality products that are safe for you. Our market steers clear of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, preservatives trans fats and GMOs. We work with local vendors who produce food and other products that fall in line with our high standards.

Our focus is on all-natural locally prepared foods and other products. We look within the City of Richmond and scan for the best and closest suppliers - ones that won’t have to ship long distances and compromise the freshness we so eagerly crave.

The producers of our non-food items are just as carefully chosen. Light bulbs, detergents, cleaners, paper towels - all of these items are produced by companies that are keen on safety and environmental impact. We adhere to our Environmental Pledge and provide low-energy lights, non-toxic cleaners and paper goods that are 80% recycled and bleach-free.

We are conscious of your food preferences, sensitivities, and allergies. We have clearly labeled food for raw vegans, vegetarians and those who lead a gluten-free lifestyle. Our market is stocked with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We don’t want the journey from the farm to your table to be clouded with vague processes and unknown ingredients. We want to keep you healthy and in the know.

The Bulk Section

We work with Frontier Organic Co-op to bring you fresh bulk grains, spices, and herbs that are competitively priced and of the highest quality. Frontier Organic Co-op abides by strict environmental and socially responsible standards. They are the leader in organic bulk goods and have passed our test for quality.

Often, we strive to source organic herbs, grains, and spices and always display their country of origin. If you find yourself wanting to know more, our employees are knowledgeable on what we carry and available to answer questions you may have about the products we carry.

We offer incentives when you come into Ellwood Thompson’s with your own container to buy bulk goods. Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to save at our grocery store and allows you to get just the right amount, so as not to have an extra ingredient that you don’t really need lying around.

The coffee buyers we work with employ a three-step buying process. First, they consider the origins and ethics behind the beans they find. They make sure they know where the beans are coming from and ensure the ethical treatment of the land and people that are the source of the coffee beans. Thus, we tend to buy from small companies who focus on these matters.

Next, our buyers look at growing practices and make sure that their coffee beans are sourced from companies focused on sustainability and organic methods such as shade growing. This is why the Rainforest Alliance Certification can be found on our coffees, ensuring that the beans are grown naturally, without pesticides and with much heed given to fair treatment of workers.

Lastly, our buyers look for fair and direct trade. They look for beans that come with Fair Trade Certifications that show the farmers involved were invested in by buyers and empowered with business skills to compete in the global market. They also look for Direct Trade Certifications from a program developed by Counter Culture Coffee. This promises the companies producing the beans employed personal and direct communication, fair and sustainable prices, exceptional quality, and 100% transparency.

Beer & Wine

We love beer, wine, cheese, and we really love chocolate. We selectively curate for our limited shelf space in order to bring you the absolute best.

Our wine buyers are experts who taste every wine that ends up in our store and look at authenticity, varietal correctness, and growing methods first. Every wine they select comes from a terrior with distinct personality. Our buyers balance our wine selection and don’t constrict their tastes to “points” as other wine stores do. Upon request, our buyers are ready to provide you with tasting notes, personal opinions and pairing suggestions.

We never stock mass-produced wines and favor organic, biodynamic wines from family-oriented wineries that boast a strong sense of tradition and history. We also support locally produced wines and have an ever-expanding section with wines from Virginia vineyards. A key part of our mission is to continue strengthening the bonds with our local producers.

Small-scale, local, regional, and craft breweries get our immediate attention when it comes to selecting beers. We tend to stray from beers with artificial ingredients and fillers keeping in tune with seasonality throughout the year. We love small belgian beers, eclectic breweries, and limited batches.

We know we’re lucky as Virginians to have some exquisite breweries so close to home. Some of our favorite beers come from only a few miles away. Our employees hold many of these local breweries close to heart and will be quick to point you to a brew from a local vendor.

We also carry a small selection of larger international labels, gluten-free, and non-alcoholic beers. We pick up a good amount of limited releases and micro-batches as well.


There’s nothing like a delicious, and fresh, farmstead cheese. You can almost taste the freshness of it. Our local cheeses typically start with small, family run homesteads that own their own herd, controlling the process the entire way through. These artisan producers don’t use any artificial colorings, dyes or flavors and continually practice sustainable grazing and cheese making techniques year round.

Meat & Seafood

In our meat and seafood department you will locally-sourced, grass fed beef, cage-free chicken and wild caught yellow fin tuna, swordfish, salmon, catfish and cod when it is in season. You will not see meat and seafood that contains growth hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites and our meat and seafood is never factory farmed.