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Creativity is the natural order of life. Our creative dreams come from a divine source. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward divinity.

Ruslana Remennikova

A Four Part Writing Series with Ruslana Remennikova, Certified Writing Instructor

The Professional Writing Academy, Cornwall UK

October 23rd | October 30th | November 6th | November 13th

Each class will cover a different topic:

  1. Class 1 will focus on sense of safety. We will dive into weekly tasks and understanding of self.
  2. Class 2 will focus on sense of identity, and learning how to trust our creativity.
  3. Class 3 will focus on a sense of power. We will expand on growth, how to handle criticism, and synchronicity.
  4. Class 4 will focus on sense of integrity. We're going to explore changes and adaptability in life.

Meet Ru

Ruslana Remennikova is an accomplished entrepreneur, business mentor, and a holistic practitioner. She is a creator, Richmond community member, and a certified writing insructor through The Professional Writing Academy in Cornwall, UK.

Ru has lived through many experiences throughout her life, including studying science, medicine, business, and film at VCU, UNCW, Harvard, and UCLA. She is also the publisher of The Loveletter and host of the Fire & Heart Podcast.

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