The Beet at Ellwood Thompson's

4 N Thompson St

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Love to swim? Interested in becoming a River City Magnolia? You might be a good fit if you...

...have basic swimming skills (tread water for 2 minutes, can swim 1 pool length without stopping, comfortable going entirely underwater and upside down--or comfortable learning how to!!). to perform. ...can commit to practices two nights a week. to have fun in the water and try new things! 

Join us at our open call for guppies (new members)! This is a dry land Q&A session.  Come meet us and other curious minds. Learn a little more about the team and water ballet.

We'll be in the Beet Café. 

If you like what you hear at Ellwood's, sign up for our boot camp month starting the end of October. We'll practice at 7pm two days a week at Swansboro pool.  New members will get four weeks to try out the team and see if you want to "take the plunge" and join.  

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