From Farm stand to wholesale; Ellwood Thompson's forager cultivates opportunities by Hollie Prestidge

Richmond-based hemp food manufacturer hits a milestone by selling its hemp-infused sauces at Food Lion by Gregory Gilligan

Op Ed: The most important ingredient in your food by Rick Hood

Restaurants grapple with safety, hospitality and keeping business afloat during pandemic by Mary Scott Hardaway

OPINION: A Zoonotic Heaven by Rick Hood

Op Ed: Rick Hood column: The pandemic is an opportunity to change our values to improve our lives

2019 Best Local Grocery Store

20+ Vegan And Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants In Virginia

Op Ed: Rick Hood column: Local foods are essential for healthier mind, body, and soul

Giving the Green Light


Robey Martin’s ‘do more, do less’ 2019 Richmond dining suggestions

Retail Merchants 2018 Distinguished Retailer of the Year

Chef Noori: From executive chef at a luxury hotel in Afghanistan to cooking at Ellwood Thompson's. This is his story.

2018 Golden Hammer Awards: Best Restoration for 3540 Floyd Avenue

2018 Best Local Grocery Store

2018 Best Grocery Store - 3rd Place

2018 Best Restaurant for Vegetarian and/or Vegan Choices - 2nd Place

Plastic Straw Ban

Bag Share Program

'You can't tell a difference': Richmond-based PastryBase offers gluten-free and vegan baking mixes

E. coli outbreak has Richmond locals thinking about lettuce

Elby's 2018

Best Grocery Store in VA 2017

Ellie Bell Saison

Ellwood's Café at VCU's ICA

The Farm

3540 Floyd Avenue

Sushi Chef: Jeffery Ota

Best Grocery Store in VA 2016

2017 Best Local Grocery Store

2017 Best Grocery Store - 3rd Place

Richmond, Virginia: Weekend Dining Guide 2017

Wooden Nickel Program

Real Local RVA

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

2016 Best Local Grocery Store

Guardians of Retail

Ellwood Raises Starting Hourly Wage

Juice Bar

The Beet Cafe + Renovation

2015 Best Local Grocery Store

Ellwood's Health Coach: Lindsay Kluge

Bag it!

Ellwood Thompson’s Wants Shoppers to Go Green

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