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Retail Merchants 2018 Distinguished Retailer of the Year

Chef Noori: From executive chef at a luxury hotel in Afghanistan to cooking at Ellwood Thompson's. This is his story.

2018 Golden Hammer Awards: Best Restoration for 3540 Floyd Avenue

2018 Best Local Grocery Store

2018 Best Grocery Store - 3rd Place

2018 Best Restaurant for Vegetarian and/or Vegan Choices - 2nd Place

'You can't tell a difference': Richmond-based PastryBase offers gluten-free and vegan baking mixes

E. coli outbreak has Richmond locals thinking about lettuce

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2017 Best Grocery Store - 3rd Place

Richmond, Virginia: Weekend Dining Guide 2017

2016 Best Local Grocery Store

Guardians of Retail

2015 Best Local Grocery Store

Ellwood Thompson’s Wants Shoppers to Go Green

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