We put our hearts and souls into our market. We have a strong connection with the people who we work with, the customers who support us, and the product that we’re proud to carry on our shelves. We love what we do. Coming to work is a pleasure for us, not a chore. We truly believe that Ellwood Thompson’s is a great grocery store because of the people who dedicate themselves to making it such a positive place.

These are the People of Ellwood’s:

Rick Hood

Owner, Thinker, Doer

Dan Lamprecht

Creator of Opportunities

Laurie Bost

Director of People and Culture

Bart Yablonsky

Mission Control

Bert Arens

Catering Manager

Colin Beirne

The Socialiser

Aaron Allen

Store Manager

Debbie Meyers

Keeper of the Coin

Phil Saunders

Assistant Store Manager

Joe Montero

Meat & Seafood Manager

Taylor Richardson

The Beet Cafe Manager & Marketing Coordinator

Ingrid Schatz

Senior Bakery Manager,
Administrator of Treats

Marquies Jones

Essentials Manager

Jutta Bracy

Nourish Manager

Richard Gropper

Produce Manager

Craig Murphy

Indulge Manager

Isaac Hullinger

Front End Manager

Jeffery Ota

Sushi Master

Todd “Coach” Taylor

Human Resources, Head Cool Guy

Mike Holland

Green & Grind Manager

Jason Sullivan

Creative Manager