At Ellwood Thompson’s, we know we’re not in this alone.

Throughout our history, we’ve worked to build relationships with local artists and companies that reflect the soul of our market. Come in and enjoy being surrounded by Richmond artistry, culture, and community.


We believe in working with organizations that truly serve our community and strengthen our local economy.

That’s why we chose Citizens & Farmers Bank.

C&F Bank has served local families, small businesses, and farmers for over 85 years. By banking locally instead of choosing a national bank, your hard earned dollars get pumped back into your local economy through taxes, payrolls, and purchases. You’re also supporting your neighbors who own and operate the local bank. Be vocal, and keep it local!


Ed Trask

An accomplished drummer and graduate of VCU, Ed has become one of the most well-known, well-respected muralists in Richmond. You can find an original Ed Trask mural on the exterior wall of the Ellwood Thompson’s parking lot, adding a warmth and vibrancy to the space that only Ed can create.

Chris Milk

Chris is a Richmond-based, self-taught painter who adorned the walls of Ellwood’s Community Room with a stunning mural. There’s something transportive and magical about looking at a Chris Milk painting. He has a unique, captivating style that mixes bold imagery with folklore and a touch of whimsy.

Neal Iwan

Neal is an illustrator and painter living and working in Richmond. He graduated from VCU in 2006 with a degree in Communication Arts and has been making art for local publications, ad agencies, and galleries ever since. Neal Iwan uses elements of cubism, expressionism, and surrealism to produce work that radiates energy and emotion.

Emily Herr

Emily Herr is a Richmond native who creates murals and other bright work at home and abroad under the name HerrSuite. Her work is illustrative and celebrates delicate chaos.


Tom Brickman

Tom is a woodworking designer whose craftsmanship can be found all over Richmond. After graduating from VCU’s sculpture program in 1987, he began creating furnishings and decor using recycled and found materials. Tom worked on The Beet Cafe, where one entire wall surface is made of recycled wood scraps, including pieces from an old pier and a redwood water tower. He also built the columns and beams in The Beet Cafe from heart pine reclaimed from old Virginia mills.

Hoskins Creek Table Company

Hoskins Creek Table Company is owned and operated by father and son team John B. Vaughan III and John B. Vaughan IV. We’re grateful for the amazing work they did constructing our Community Gathering Tables using wood reclaimed from old Richmond warehouses and an 1800’s home in Port Royal, Virginia.

E.T. Moore Lumber

E.T. Moore Lumber is responsible for supplying the wood used in our booth table tops and the adjacent half wall. They’re the largest supplier of antique and reclaimed vintage heart pine in the country, and they’ve been a local, family-owned and operated company since 1969. They source their heart pine from old mills and factories and are the United States’ only “Heart Pine Specialists”.

Acorn Sign Graphics

Our outdoor patio table tops were locally crafted by Acorn Sign Graphics from reclaimed highway signs. They offer top quality signage and are known for their award-winning design, eco-friendly manufacturing, custom fabrication, and long-lasting installations.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church serves as a kind of local modern village green for many Richmonders. Their mission is to provide a gathering place where people at every stage of life can come to be loved, grow in faith and spirit, and explore what matters most in life. St. Stephen’s is open to everyone (not just “members”) and is constantly growing and evolving alongside its community.

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