We are proud that Ellwood Thompson’s is a Benefit Corporation.

Ellwood Thompson’s is a part of a small group of companies leading the way in holding for-profit corporations accountable to social consciousness and environmental responsibility.

This designation by the Commonwealth of Virginia reinforces our commitment to a significant, positive impact on society, the environment, and our community as a whole.

The legal framework this designation provides enables mission driven companies like Ellwood’s to stay mission driven and work to serve genuine human needs.

Mission Review Board Report 2016

Mission Review Board Report 2017

Mission Review Board Report 2018

Mission Review Board Report 2019

Mission Review Board Report 2020

Other Benefit Corps and B Corps in Richmond include:

  • Acorn Sign Graphics
  • Alexis Advisors
  • eWaste
  • Greater Richmond Grid
  • Impact Makers, Inc
  • Lumen Energy
  • MAXX Potential
  • Natural Organic Process Enterprises
  • Queen & Associates
  • Synapse Hubs
  • TMI Consulting
  • Virginia Community Capital
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