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Effective daily habits, cycles and routines are the proverbial torch with which you can illuminate all paths in life -- both the smooth and the rocky.

In the absence of effective daily cycles, masterpieces go uncomposed, manuscripts go unwritten. Moods and attitudes are thought of as inconvenient happenstance as people quietly (and unintentionally) neglect their uniquely human powers of perception and action. Why leave your quality of your life to chance and flighty whims when you can choose to really do something about it?

By implementing simple changes, you can structure your daily life for unprecedented well-being and productivity. In this class, Nicholas Fields will cover both the science behind and the nuanced art of truly thriving through the power of habit and intent.

Together, you’ll explore prominent "Genres of Choice" that generate and texture our subjective experiences as human beings, on a daily basis and as they compound daily over our lifespan. These “genres” go by common names: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Psychology - or "State(s) of Mind." Based on these genres, your energy levels, sense of self, characteristic moods and attitudes can be sculpted, enhanced, and more thoroughly enjoyed.

Join Nicholas for a guided exploration of these powerful force-multipliers. You’ll leave feeling equipped to…

  • Sleep like a champion
  • Move and Breath dynamically - with postural integrity and joyful exertion
  • Experience greater command over your mental and emotional states of being
  • Embrace your personal journey of neurocognitive, psychobehavioral evolution

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About the Presenter

Nicholas Fields, B.Sc.

Trainer at Realigenix

Nicholas Fields is an Exercise Physiologist & Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistics (Certified by the Society of NLP™). Nick holds a B.Sc. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida, has 10 years experience in NLP, and has been triple certified in Postural, Pelvis, and MyoKinematic Restoration by the Postural Restoration Institute®. To learn more about Nick, please visit: Realigenix.com.


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