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From Holly Guelig, M.Ed.

Professional School Counselor

Our minds are much like houses; the messages we hear from others become the walls we live in while the messages we send to ourselves impact the condition of our 'house.'

What's in your coping toolbox to handle past, current, and future internal and external messages that might need some repairing?

Do you have enough tools?

Do you know which tool is best for the job?

Guelig will discuss what mental health is and isn’t. She will address the stigmas around mental health, and redefine what it means to be “normal." You will leave with researched-based, creative, concrete, and impactful techniques to help you challenge and work through unhelpful thinking and coping.

About Holly Guelig

Holly Guelig was raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and currently lives in Henrico County. She is entering her 10th year as a School Counselor for Henrico County Public Schools at Greenwood Elementary School, which she proudly refers to as her “second family.” She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counselor Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, and has certifications in trauma and crisis management, diversity, equity & inclusion, mental health first aid, and mindfulness. Most recently, she was selected for the honor of Virginia’s 2022 Elementary School Counselor of the Year.

In addition to her work at Greenwood, Holly is a member of the Virginia School Counseling Association communications committee, collaborator on the Virginia Department of Education Career Exploration Taskforce, a social and emotional learning content developer for her division, co-creator of PRIMETIME RVA, founder of Mindful Minute with Miss Holly, co-host for Edspire Podcast, and has served in various state-wide leadership and speaking roles within her field. She has 14 years of experience working in counseling, crisis support, substance use recovery, grief and loss, and inpatient behavioral and mental health services for children and teens. Holly’s professional interests include teaching students the role of the brain in emotional regulation, sense of self-identity over self-esteem, and mindfulness. Most importantly, Holly is relentless in her passion for helping her students grow into strong, healthy, thoughtful, life-ready learners. It is her mission to be the game-changer for families and children


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