This year we have partnered with many local vendors to bring you Ellwood’s Private Label Selections. We have everything from supplements, CBD and now salsa!

To start our salsa story, we have to back up a bit and talk about Salsas Don Sebastian.

The company was founded by America DeLoach in 2017. The inspiration for her salsas are from her husband’s family recipes, which date back to the early 1900’s in Nayarit, Mexico.

Now, let’s jump to a few months ago, when we asked America if she would like to partner with us and make a whole new line of salsas to be exclusively sold here at Ellwood Thompson’s. She quickly agreed and we all got the ball rolling.

When we asked America why she decided to work with us, she had this to say:

“I felt honored that Ellwoods reached out to me to create salsas together. Sharing the same views on supporting local, not using preservatives, eating healthy, and providing the best quality product for customers, it's definitely a plus and was an easy decision for me. Ellwood’s was the first store that gave me the opportunity when I started Salsas Don Sebastian, so this sealed the deal! We are definitely in cahoots to bring the best and the freshest products to our community.”

What even makes them special?

Our private label salsas & dips are set apart by their standards. They are made with no preservatives and no sugar, in small batches right here in Richmond, VA.

Corn Salsa

It’s the ultimate fall side dish! It pairs perfectly with grilled main dishes like chicken, steak or salmon and it’s the perfect thing to bring along on a picnic, or simple as adding an avocado to it or on top of your favorite tacos!

This is simple and refreshing and brimming with nutritious goodness. A flavorful way to get your veggie intake.

You’ll love the satisfying blend of textures and the overload of freshness that a small batch can bring.

There's never enough corn salsa, but if you want to save some for the next day, leftovers for lunch are delicious too.

Bean Salad

This classic Ellwoods Bean Salad is perfect for picnics, barbecues and make ahead meals.

"Bean salads are my go to when I entertain (especially during the fall). I also find myself making them ahead for meals throughout the week, but here it is! All done for you, so you don't have to ! Definitely a must have for your family..."

  • America DeLoach

Pico Piña (Pineapple) Salsa

Why not have some summer flavors in the fall?

Perfect for some tacos or just chips! And enjoyable anytime of the day.

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