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Leaky Gut Syndrome is gaining a lot of attention recently and is making its way into mainstream medicine. It is also referred to as “intestinal permeability” and is considered to be a root cause for most chronic diseases including arthritis, autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders, degenerative neurological conditions, fibromyalgia etc just to name just a few. These conditions are greatly improved and even reversed when you start treating and healing the gut.

This is an information-packed lecture that explains how undigested food particles can “leak” into the blood stream and then wreak havoc with our immune system; being a precursor for auto-immune disease, allergies and chronic illness.

This lecture focuses in part on causes but mostly highlights fixes on using specific foods, supplements and programs needed to heal and seal the gut to restore health.

We will discuss how to optimize digestion through dietary and lifestyle strategies but mostly how to "heal and seal" our guts with the 5-R program used in Functional Medicine

Event Details

The lecture will be an hour packed with practical information on:

  • The basics of healthy digestion
  • How this affects various chronic health conditions
  • Different types of gut dysbiosis
  • How to heal from leaky gut and balance your gut microbiome

Tickets are on sale through Eventbrite and at the Customer Service Desk for $15

Please show up a few minutes early to purchase any food or drink you may want during the lecture, while also giving yourself time to get settled.

Meet the instructor, Terri McDowell, OTR/L, IHNC!

About Terri

Terri McDowell is a licensed Occupational Therapist and a certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach. She works with children and adults and is passionate about helping people get healthy and stay healthy. Her company, Elemental Health, was developed over 25 years ago with a focus on helping you to identify the root causes for your diseases or illness. Terri uses Functional Medicine principles with an initial focus on gut and brain health.

She offers individual and group coaching, lectures and cooking classes. Additionally, she participates in organizations for animal welfare and spiritual awareness. Terri loves travel, nature, cooking, is passionate about the health of our environment, kindness to animals and kindness to each other.

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