Introducing “Rooted in Wellness: A Holistic Health Curriculum”

At Ellwood’s, we’re no strangers to sharing health & wellness knowledge with our community.  Our regular educational events in The Beet cover everything from natural solutions for anxiety & depression to regulating your gut microbiome to relieving chronic pain with floatation therapy.

But what if you don’t know where to start building your wellness tool belt (or why so many people are talking about our ‘guts’ in the first place?)  Do you wish you had a better foundation of knowledge before jumping into a wellness class or conversation?

Enter “Rooted In Wellness”.  This educational program lays a comprehensive foundation for thriving, complete well-being.  Through the guidance & leadership of Health Coach Kelly Lindamood of Live Full Well, students of this cohort-style program will become empowered advocates for their own health.

Building on your desire to learn more about real health and wellness, this dynamic and interactive curriculum will equip you with the tools, resources and knowledge to own your health journey.  Bond with other like-minded students as you hear from an array of diverse holistic health experts, engage in robust dialogue, and learn sustainable approaches to achieving your wellness goals.  Together, we will cover everything from the latest fields to watch in integrative health, how to decipher fact from fiction and what sources to trust, knowing the role you can play to influence food policy, and even how to hone your skills in the kitchen.

Rooted In Wellness consists of five courses curated exclusively for program participants and designed to clarify basic principles and critical thinking skills needed to evaluate the myriad of food and health choices we encounter on a daily basis.  Each establishes a critical pillar of your health knowledge and will feature Kelly Lindamood as well as other local, holistic professionals, ranging from Naturopathic Doctors to Acupuncturists to Chiropractic Neurospecialists and more.  Complete the entirety of this curriculum and you will leave with confidence and direction to continue on your health journey.

Series Curriculum:

  1. Foundations: Build Your Base | Monday, 4/9/18, 6:30 – 8:00PM
  2. Your Compass: Establish Best Practices | Monday, 4/23/18, 6:30 – 8:00PM
  3. The Landscape: Meet the Healthkeepers | Monday, 5/14/18, 6:30 – 8:00PM
  4. Advocacy: Expand Your Influence | Monday, 6/4/18, 6:30 – 8:00PM
  5. The Mechanics: Sharpen Your Skills | Monday, 6/25/18, 6:30 – 8:00PM
 This is a cumulative education developed to build on itself, much like a semester in an academic setting.  All participants will have access to a private Facebook group, providing an additional method of connection, dialogue, community, information exchange, motivation, inspiration, accountability and more, maintained and moderated by Kelly.

Additional benefits include one-on-one health coaching plus an Ellwood’s t-shirt & gift card (upon completion of program).

Program Kick-off: Monday, April 9th, 6:30PM

Informational Session: Sunday, March 18th, 11am to 1pm, at Ellwood Thompson’s, and one-on-one over the phone.  Schedule your informational call by emailing Kelly

About Kelly Lindamood


Kelly Lindamood is a certified Health Coach and founder of Live Full Well Consulting. Through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York she has studied more than 100 dietary theories and has built her practice based on the work of the world’s top health and wellness experts. She is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In addition, Kelly has 15+ years experience in the field of corporate Learning and Development. This combination of experience and education informs all of her client interactions. Kelly caters to professional women and men who seek to improve healthful practices while pursuing careers, or who seek guidance in retirement and other transitions. A marathoner and yoga practitioner, Kelly uses innovative coaching methods and practical lifestyle management techniques to help her clients achieve their health and wellness goals.


The program is $300 in it’s entirety, with classes available exclusively to ‘RIW’ cohorts.  Register via email through, at Customer Service in store, or through Eventbrite here.


COMING MARCH 15TH: Flatbreads in The Beet!

International flavors meet local, thoughtfully-crafted flatbreads!  Our R&D Chef Rachel has created a menu for everyone, inspired by global cuisines and brought to life with nutrient-dense, plant-based (and local when possible, of course) ingredients.

Starting this Thursday, March 15th, enjoy flatbread service at the bar in The Beet!  We’ll have samples of each flatbread, so try the full menu for yourself while sipping a happy hour craft beverage to live tunes from our friends, Love Redemption.

From there, order your favorite flatbread(s) every Thursday through Sunday, from 4 to 9PM.  Stay tuned for the full menu — or better yet, see you Thursday!

Local LOVE Hub

We are transforming our Local Food Hub (aka Community Bulletin Board) into our annual LOCAL LOVE HUB!

Share the love with a fellow customer or steward. The valentines will be located at the Customer Service desk. Side note: We are selling our house-made valentines in packets of 5 and 10.


Love your friends & family at Ellwood’s!

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two!

Give your sweet the gift of a romantic dinner for two!

Pick your entree (which serves 2) and the price includes one starch and one vegetable (both of which serves 2). You get to mix and match which starch and vegetable comes with your entree. Wine pairing suggestions included which you can find in the store.

The meals are precooked, all you have to do is rewarm.

Get yours at the deli counter or in our grab & go, Monday, February 12th – Wednesday, February 14th*.

*No preorders

Benefit Corp // Mission Review Board Report 2016

Ellwood Thompson’s formed a Mission Review Board for the purpose of defining procedures to measure whether ET achieves its mission and upholds its core values on a year-by-year basis. ET views the community as its stakeholders and believes that true change can only come through diverse perspectives. As such, the Review Board is comprised of employees, customers, and outside interests, who all provide a unique perspective. Ellwood Thompson’s management strives to understand different perspectives in order to better achieve its mission. The management team regularly meets with the Review Board Chairman and ET’s Food Advocates to learn and discuss important food issues.


Introducing Foodwaze’s Real Food Loyalty Program!

What is Foodwaze?

Foodwaze is based in Charlottesville, with their mission being to help consumers find the best sources of real, regenerative food at restaurants, cafes, markets, farms, and more.  Foodwaze produces an online and mobile food guide that curates and rates businesses based on their commitment to a local regenerative food system.  Founder Michael Reilly is an expert in regenerative food systems and all things health related.  (You might recognize him from our cafe, having an Earth Bowl from Create as he passes through town.)

For more on their mission & daily content, their Instagram and website are great resources!

What is this ‘Real Food Loyalty Program’?


Happy Hour at The Beet Bar


Every Thursday and Friday,  it’s Happy Hour at the bar in The Beet from 4 to 7PM, paired with live tunes for local favorites!

What You Get:

Enjoy $1 off draft beer & wine by the glass, plus one featured canned beer for $2 a pop!  For those who like a variety, try a flight of 3 different beers or wines for $5.

Drafts are always local and craft, rotating as needed, and the wines are a seasonal mixture of local and imported.

Curious about our current selection?


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