Here is how our contactless process works:

  1. Choose Ellwood's glass jars for your bulk foods or glass bottles of ET water.
  2. A $2 refundable jar/bottle deposit will be added at checkout per jar/bottle.
  3. Return your jar(s) and/or bottle(s) with the lid to the Customer Service desk.
  4. Redeem your $2 per jar/bottle.
  5. Repeat!

At the end of each day an ET steward will bring the cart of returned glass jars and bottles directly into the kitchen. The steward will place the rack of returned glass into the dishwasher without direct hand contact for them to be sanitized twice. After the jars and bottles are fully sanitized they will be refilled and restocked so you'll always have readily available glass options for your bulk goods and bottled water.

The Glass Return Program is an effort to help reduce plastic and to reuse and recycle glass containers.

Now is the time, more than ever, to protect our planet from single use plastic pollution.

Let's work together to reduce our footprint!

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