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Do you want to reduce your waste and shop more mindfully?

Whether you’re on a journey to reduce the amount of trash your household contributes to the landfill, you want to live more minimally, or you think packaging is for the birds, reducing your waste has many benefits to our community, environment, world, AND your wallet.

In her quarterly store tours, Erica Wells shares the ins and outs of shopping waste-free, why reducing your consumption of single-use plastic is important, tips to make it all seamless, and how you can even lower your grocery bill in the process. Learn Erica’s tricks of the trade and leave with actionable steps to be a better steward of the environment through your grocery choices!

Tours gather and start at Customer Service. They are free to attend but do require advanced registration (cut off: March 25th, 5PM)

Zero Waste Tour Guide

Meet Erica Wells, RD

Erica is a registered dietitian, wife and mom of two who cares a lot about food sustainability and minimizing waste. She started working towards a zero waste lifestyle back in 2017 and delights in sharing what she has learned with others who are interested in making changes in their own homes but don’t know where to start


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