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The average person makes 4.5 pounds of trash per day.

That equals 135 pounds per person each MONTH.

And it may be no surprise that the kitchen tends to be one of the greatest generators of everyday waste. Just one look in your garbage can and you may find foil wrappers, plastic packaging, take out containers, vegetable skins, last weeks leftovers that (despite good intentions) were never eaten, the avocado that ripened before you left the cash register, not to mention all the other single use disposables that tend to lurk around.

Purchasing a large amount of pre-prepared or packaged foods, ordering takeout, and not eating everything you set out to cook for the week not only puts a strain on the environment but can also put a strain on your wallet and your health. The good news is there are so many ways to reduce waste in the kitchen! And it all starts with how you shop and what you do with your groceries once they leaves the store.  

In this three part series, we’ll be talking about three big ways you can control kitchen related waste in your home!

Part 1

Utilizing Bulk

Learn how to navigate the bulk section with simple swaps for pre-packaged foods and how to cook various basics.

Part 2

Save the Food

Discuss ways to reduce food waste in your home including:

  • Proper food storage
  • Deciphering dates on food packages
  • Determining what’s still good to eat
  • Learning to embrace imperfect fruits and vegetables
  • Making use of undervalued produce parts
  • Using up the edible odds and ends in your home before they go bad

Part 3

Make It Yourself

Cooking food from scratch not only allows you to know and control what’s in your food but also eliminates a lot of packaging in the process. Learn about simple homemade alternatives and walk through some favorites together.

Each session will include a cooking demo with the opportunity to sample a simple recipe for yourself.

Erica is a registered dietitian, wife and mom of two who cares a lot about food sustainability and minimizing waste. She started working towards a zero waste lifestyle back in 2017 and delights in sharing what she has learned with others who are interested in making changes in their own homes but don’t know where to start.

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