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“Gut Microbiome” is one of the hottest areas of medical research today.

Much of our current information was unlocked ten years ago thanks to advances in genetic sequencing that revealed the thousands of different species of microbes living in our gut and the profound effect they are having on our health.

We now know that the types of bacteria that are present or absent will determine our weight, mood, immune responses, turn our disease-causing genes on and off, and much, much more.

Join Terri McDowell for a one hour class to learn:

  • Basic information about the gut microbiome
  • How the foods and thoughts we choose will determine the presence of healthy versus unhealthy bacteria
  • Specific strategies on how to create a healthy gut

About the Presenter

Terri McDowell, OTR/L

Terri McDowell is a Licensed Occupational Therapist, an Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, and the owner of Elemental Health LLC. She is passionate about helping people get healthy and stay healthy.

Terri considers gut health to be ground zero for overall wellness and uses various techniques to help individuals assess for leaky gut as well as the status of their microbiome. She also combines health coaching strategies with her medical, nutritional, and herbal knowledge to help develop a personal program to regain health and happiness.


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