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Learn how to "heal and seal" Leaky Gut for good.

Both Functional Medicine and Leaky Gut Syndrome are gaining a lot of attention recently. Leaky Gut Syndrome has been well known in Integrative Health circles for many years but has recently made its way into mainstream medicine. It is also referred to as “intestinal permeability” in medical research and there are currently 14,742 studies listed on PubMed.

Functional Medicine considers this area to be a primary root cause for most chronic diseases such as arthritis, autoimmune conditions, thyroid disorders, degenerative neurological conditions, fibromyalgia, etc. “Healing and sealing” the gut and balancing the gut microbiome often causes the reversal of chronic pain and autoimmune diseases.  

 Join Terri McDowell as she covers:

  • The A-B-C’s of healthy digestion in a way that is easy to understand
  • How this affects various chronic health conditions
  • Different types of gut dysbiosis or gut imbalances (ie: Candidiasis, SIBO, etc)
  • Specific foods, herbs and supplements that heal leaky gut and re-balance your gut microbiome

About the Presenter

Terri McDowell OTR/L, Integrative Health Coach

Terri McDowell is a Licensed Occupational Therapist and Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach. Terri uses the principles of Functional Medicine, and emphasizes simplicity in her approach. She works with children and adults and has been passionate about helping people get healthy and stay healthy for the past 30+ years. Her company, Elemental Health, was developed to help support you to identify root causes for chronic diseases and she considers your gut health to be ground zero for your overall wellness. She offers live cell microscopy, 1:1 and group sessions, lectures and cooking classes.


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