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“Health” is a topic of global conversation at the moment.

The not-so-great news is that none of us are invincible. The good news? We can absolutely do our part by taking responsibility for our health and wellbeing. For that, there is no magic pill. It comes down to our daily habits, with nutrition and lifestyle at the core. 

In this class, Shelly shares the most important practices in the home that build a strong and resilient immune system. She knows that nutrition can be overwhelming in a world selling "quick fixes", supplements, and new diet fads. Shelly takes a naturopathic approach and gently reminds us how to listen to our inner physician, how best to nourish our bodies, and how to remove obstacles to wellness. 

You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what strengthens your immune system, as well as what suppresses it! You’ll also learn Shelly’s top seven therapeutic foods to have in your kitchen, along with a handful of delicious, immune-boosting recipes!

About Shelly Rose

Founder of Pure Roots Nutrition

Shelly Rose is the founder of Pure Roots Nutrition, a company dedicated to: fueling the lifestyles of outdoor adventurers, educating and empowering all who desire to learn the hands-on practical skills and knowledge needed to cook real food, eat well, and live a life that brings joy, and supporting our EMS and first responders in their specific nutrition and lifestyle needs.

After earning a Nutrition and Culinary Arts degree from leading natural health institute Bastyr University, she attended Quillisascut’s Sustainable Kitchen Farm Culinary School, completed an internship at Seattle’s FareStart, and volunteered with PCC Natural Markets, The Root Connection Farm, and Shalom Farms.

She has worked in medical practices alongside Naturopathic Doctors specializing in food sensitivities, chronic conditions, and incorporating meal plans and culinary skills into patient care plans.

Shelly believes that fresh, local, organic, whole food is one of the best medicines for leading a vibrant life now and preventing disease down the road. And that slowing down to savor and play in nature is equally as important as what's on your plate -- as Edward Abbey perfectly states, "Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit."

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