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The Beet at Ellwood Thompson's

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Join Charlotte Christensen and Sean Orr as they explain what it means to eat a seasonal diet through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Modern Functional Nutrition. They will detail how to cook and eat ‘constitutionally’, meaning in harmony with the seasons, in communication with your body, and with a mindfulness which extends outwards into our community.

You will be empowered with information to take your wellness journey into your own hands, to explore and to play in the kitchen, and to feel confident through self-awareness and self-acceptance, all while choosing foods that work best for you.

To round it out, Charlotte will demonstrate and prepare a seasonal snack to enjoy together as part of a guided meditation created specifically to reawaken your awareness of self in relation to food.

You will leave with:

  • Practical advice for approaching a seasonal diet, including tips on how to make the best choices for your wallet, your health, and your family.
  • A spring-inspired meal plan for a week of delicious, easy recipes (shopping list included!)
  • an expanded mind, fresh perspective, and with intentions set to launch a new, sustainable journey into personalized wellness!

About the Presenters

Charlotte Christensen, MScN, Founder of RootedRVA

Charlotte is a functional nutrition specialist who believes true health starts in the kitchen. Her philosophy is to help you find your farmers, your community, and your roots -- and there you will find your health!

As a health-supportive culinary expert, gardener, and lifestyle counselor, Charlotte believes food is medicine and that, given the right conditions, our bodies have the remarkable capability of healing themselves.

Charlotte whole-heartedly believes that the food we eat determines our health outcome. Specifically, eating whole foods that are grown and cooked with intention provides a powerful experience and lowers cellular inflammation -- the underlying cause of the chronic diseases that are so prevalent in our society.

Recognizing that no ‘one diet fits all’, she's committed to serving each unique individual’s needs through her practice, Rooted RVA. Charlotte helps her clients explore their own health and determine which foods will support their particular needs.

She received her master’s degree in functional nutrition from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR, to compliment her skills as a health-supportive chef and her background in biology, ecology and agriculture. She returned to Richmond in 2019 to help her community to achieve their ultimate health goals through mindful, sustainable lifestyle choices!

Sean Orr, MSCP, MAc, DAcOM (P), LAc, ABT, NADA, Founder Praxis Integrated Medical Arts

Sean obtained his MAc in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, TX and is all but dissertation for his Doctorate. As a Virginia licensed practitioner, he’s honored to use this powerful medicine to help clients with issues ranging from the physiological (e.g. pain, weight loss, infertility) to the psychological (e.g.depression, anxiety, addictions, insomnia). It’s his absolute belief that there is nothing this medicine cannot do and that all ailments are connected, like the layers of an onion. His client-centered approach means you'll start your wellness journey together, wherever you chose as Sean serves as a constant champion along the way.

Ultimately, Sean's professional objective is to establish a network of wellness for clients: a collaboration inclusive of biomedicine as well as non-western traditions. Between his degrees in Counseling Psychology, Whole Systems Ecology and Chinese Medicine, Sean utilizes numerous modalities to treat the Mind, Body and Spirit. He also offers both group and individual treatments to honor the history of TCM and make its benefits available to those of varied economic backgrounds. You can book with Sean at his private practice on Patterson Avenue or see him for community acupuncture at True North Yoga on MacArthur Ave in Bellevue Thursday through Sunday. Phone consultations are always free, 804-203-2871 and more information can be found at www.praxisrva.com.


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