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Could the 300 million pounds of chemical herbicides used on US soils each year be the root cause of the current disease epidemics?

Join us for a free lecture on how chemicals in every food impact overall human biology. You'll learn how environmental factors can affect digestion, brain, and well-being, and discover tools to reduce digestive issues.

In addition to discussing disorders of the gut and strategies to improve gut health, you'll learn...

  • Why 80% of the population experiences some type of digestive disorder.
  • How changes in food production caused serious disruptions in gut function
  • How decreased gut function can effect digestion, absorption, brain function, mood, and immunity
  • The process of leaky gut, what causes it, and why it’s detrimental to health, along with strategies to maximize gut health

About the Presenter

Christina Stelling, CHC, Educator & Retail Sales Director for RESTORE

Christina Stelling is a certified health coach with over 30 years’ experience in the Natural Foods Industry. She has studied extensively with Dr. Zach Bush who is known as one of the world’s authorities on the microbiome.


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