The Beet at Ellwood Thompson's

4 N. Thompson Street Richmond, VA 23220


If you identify as a woman, you have probably felt diminished in your power at some point in your life.

Often times society defines us as fragile, overly emotional, less capable than men, and not good enough unless we look and act a certain way. We spend a good amount of time giving and not necessarily receiving, resulting in feelings of powerlessness and exhaustion.

Join us for a transformational workshop where you will be able to learn how limiting societal beliefs about your gender are keeping you small, and acquire empowering tools to face challenges from a place of confidence, ease, and joy. You will also be able to connect with a community of other powerful women and receive support and inspiration from one another!

About the Presenter

Florencia Fuensalida

Florencia is a Life Transformational Coach, trained by the renowned Dr. Eve Agee at Transform Coaching Academy (ICF Certified). She has been studying meditation, shamanic healing and energy work for more than eleven years, as well as different training modalities to incorporate horse dynamics and natural horsemanship in personal healing work. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Science from the University of Maryland, College Park, an additional Transformational Coaching Master Class yearlong Certification from Transform Coaching Academy, an EAGALA Level I Certification, a Horse Inspired Growth and Healing (HIGH) Certification, and a Solution Focused Therapy Level I Certification. In addition to coaching people individually, she facilitates meditation classes, personal development and women empowerment workshops, as well as equine assisted learning utilizing horses as teachers for personal growth. It is her wish to assist others to grow and experience peace and freedom.

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