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Parents! Back to school is a stressful time of the year - for both the kids and mom & dad!

Stress manifests itself in the body in many different ways. It is important to fully understand how kids' stress affects their health. Where does stress come from? Why does it occur? How to increase the adaptability to stress? These are all important questions during this back-to-school time!

Join Dr. Joe Abretski and Dr. Maxine Toro as they delve into the hidden stressors that impact kids and how they cause issues like:

  • ADHD
  • Behavioral Challenges
  • Decreased school performance
  • Lowered immune strength

So how do these sensory issues affect our children? Ask yourself this: Have you ever felt like your mind was racing a million miles an hour due to work stress, family stress, or other craziness? This is actually your “Autonomic Nervous System” going into overdrive, trying to control and coordinate life’s stressors. If your child faces a sensory issue, they may be feeling the exact same way, with each layer of stress impacting their development.

Many pediatric (and adult) health concerns come from a nervous system that is experiencing this dysfunction AKA is stressed out!

Two of the most important things to know when you have a child with sensory issues, behavioral challenges, ADHD, etc are:

  1. You are not alone.
  2. You have a community here to support you.

Dr. Joe and Dr. Maxine are here to help, to understand your family's challenges, and to uncover your child's true health potential!

About the Presenters

Dr. Joe Abretski

Dr. Joe Abretski is extremely blessed to have been introduced to the profound healing capabilities of the human body at a very young age. He suffered from chronic infections, allergies, and headaches as a child. After seeing his health improve all across the board, he devoted his life to pediatric and family-based chiropractic care.

Optimizing the expression of health in a sick child has a massive trajectory in their life and in the lives of their family. Fewer sick days, improved focus, and overall happier kids is what drives Dr. Joe to reach as many lives as possible in our amazing Richmond community. He is the co-owner of Omni Family Chiropractic where he specializes in specific, neurologically-based chiropractic care for kids and families.

Dr. Maxine Toro

At 15 years old, Dr. Maxine Toro was given an opportunity to explore alternative approaches when faced with excruciating pain. Once she was freed of her pain, she began exploring ideas of how to live the most optimal life by understanding how to properly integrate physical, mental, and emotional traumas. Her journey made her realize that it is much easier to address issues in health early in childhood versus adulthood. This is why she spent countless additional hours studying and developing a passion for pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Maxine is the co-owner of Omni Family Chiropractic and loves to bring her wealth of knowledge about natural healing to the wonderful community of Richmond.


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