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Do you have a standing date with your budget? A love/hate relationship with your money?

A tough time talking about it with your partner?

Everybody has a relationship with money, and like all relationships, your money relationship takes some work. Since February is the season for love, come learn from the pros on how to understand your money personality and work with that to improve the way you think about, interact with, and talk about money, whether you're single, married, or somewhere in between.

Financial planner Paige Harland and investment manager Roberta Keller will help you:

  • Know the ins and outs of your money personality
  • Figure out your #relationshipgoals - because your money can't get you where you want to go if you don't know where you're going
  • Show yourself some love and ditch the feelings of stress and avoidance you have around money
  • Upgrade your money relationship status by dating your budget and taking the first baby steps to growing wealth
  • Talk about money openly and productively with your partner or loved ones

As always, the coffee will be hot and the pastries will be fresh. Come ready to learn and get your day started off right!

About the Speaker

Roberta Keller - Founder & CEO of Alexis Advisors

Roberta Keller is the founder and CEO of Alexis Advisors. Once a teacher and still a practitioner of yoga and meditation, she integrates mindfulness with her decade of money management in Wall Street and London to offer clients a more holistic, intentional approach to their finances.

Roberta Keller, founder & CEO of Alexis Advisors, presenting at Money Mornings.

About Money Mornings

Alexis Advisors' Money Mornings is a monthly breakfast program designed to provide our community with free education and a welcoming atmosphere to open the money conversation and learn how to live, spend, and invest intentionally.

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