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You have been taking prescriptions to maintain your health, to cure and prevent, and to feel better, but are you aware of one vital factor that could be keeping you from feeling your best?

Did you know that prescription drugs can deplete certain nutrients? For example, statins used to lower cholesterol deplete CoQ10, which our body uses to make ATP -- aka, energy! Beyond statins, other common culprits include birth control, hormone replacement therapy, acid blockers, antidepressants and more.

We’re familiar with the notion that prescription medications can come with a long list of ‘side-effects’, but the reality is you could be unaware of how these consequences manifest and what you can do to mitigate them.

Join us to better understand how prescription-induced nutrient deficiencies could be the cause of your fatigue, changes in appetite or mood. Dr. Mary Colfer will explain how commonly prescribed medications may be lowering vital nutrients, how this can affect how you feel, and what you can do to counter these symptoms to live your most vibrant life.

About the Presenter

Mary Frazier Colfer, MD

Dr. Colfer of WellcomeMD was born and raised in Richmond Virginia. She graduated magna cum laude from Virginia Tech and attended medical school at the Medical College of Virginia at VCU. After her residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Virginia, she practiced emergency medicine for 14 years and spent two years serving as the medical director for the Fan Free Clinic. Dr. Colfer is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

During her years working as a physician, Dr. Mary Frazier Colfer has developed an awareness of both the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional clinical practice of Western medicine. To gain greater insight and better serve her patients, she began studying functional medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, hormone balancing, and meditation.

Dr. Colfer believes that real healing is best facilitated using Western modalities in conjunction with other healing philosophies. Her practice is devoted to evidence-based, functional medicine. She works with her patients to develop safe, individualized treatment plans based on the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Dr. Colfer sees men and women. She is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and has training and experience in trans-health.


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