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In 2011, the American Psychological Association concluded that “Chronic stress is becoming a public health crisis.” That was over 7 years ago, and things have only increased since then. Stress has a huge impact on our overall health and weight. In this class, you will learn the connection between stress and weight, and how the foods we choose can influence its effects on our body and health as a whole.

About the Presenter

Marquita Whisonant, MS, FF/NRP, HHC

Marquita is a Clinical Nutrition Educator, Firefighter/Nationally Registered Paramedic, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She became a Nutrition Educator and Health Coach to fulfill her passion to work with others to improve their health, lose weight, and prevent and better manage chronic illness and disease. To learn more about Marquita, visit her website at www.EatLaughHeal.com.


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