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Igniting empathy is the ultimate resource for the helpers.

You may not realize it, but empathy is at the core of our interactions, and with a little focused attention, it can become quite apparent how it's presence or absence influences us -- individually, interpersonally, and collectively.

Empathy is front and center now more than ever in part because of the rise in crimes against humanity. As a result, people are desperate to help undo some of the damage left in its wake. Igniting empathy is the ultimate resource for the helpers.

Fortunately for us, talking empathy is truly one of Kelly's favorite things. In fact, she'd made it her life's work.

"My program includes the foundations of empathy in science and evolution, as well as its occurrence in populations that can present with deficits and those that consider themselves empaths. I also cover the debate about whether empathy can be taught or restored. The overarching message highlights the simplicity of empathy and the barriers we face in accessing it consistently and authentically."

Kelly Humes

Join us as Kelly Humes paints a broad stroke around empathy and best practices to cultivate and restore empathy and ensure authentic, intentional relationships, healthier work and home environments, and a better community at large.

About the Presenter

Kelly Humes, MSW

Founder of The Restore Us Program

Kelly Humes is a 2009 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's Advanced Standing Master's of Social Work Program. Her post graduate work has included direct care service to youth and families internationally in West Africa, South America, Mexico and Germany. After discovering a correlation between direct-care provider's attrition from the field and empathy depletion, Kelly founded The Restore Us Program in 2010. The Restore Us Program initially aimed to teach providers how to offset the effects of working in emotionally charged environments, ultimately tapping in to inherent potential to remain impactful and connected to clients through empathy. However, in the 8 years since Restore’s inception, the program has evolved to serve all people seeking to better access, implement and cultivate inherent empathic abilities. The Restore Us Program is proud to be partnering with numerous like efforts to promote the benefits of authentic relationships through round table discussion, workshops and trainings.

In addition to offering The Restore Us Program trainings to various public and private agencies statewide, support communities and students, Kelly's passion lies in her historical work as a Probation Officer on the City of Richmond's Mental Health Docket where she advocated fiercely for alternative sentencing for persons diagnosed with mental illness. Kelly is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Central Virginia Chapter (NAMI) in addition to pursuing her professional license and thriving as a community-based Clinician with River City Comprehensive Counseling Services. Kelly lives in Richmond with her husband Royal and their two children Ravi (5) and Allim (2).


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