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4 N. Thompson Street Richmond, VA 23221


Have you considered solar power for your home but have yet to look into it?

Wondering why residential solar is booming all of late?

Earth’s climate is changing, the electric grid is aging, and bills are climbing higher faster than our salaries. So, what if there were a better way to get our electricity than the way the way it's always been?

Solar power in nothing new, so why have we not been using it?

Join us as we take a deep dive into...

Why so many people are choosing to go solar

Why you might consider going solar

How to evaluate it's benefits for your own home

The current and future state of our energy world

Recent legislative action in our state

Net metering in Virginia, and more!

Attendees will leave feeling informed, empowered, and determined to create a greener community.

Let’s work together to help Richmond go solar!

Following the presentation, all attendees are welcome to schedule a free solar analysis of their home.

About the Presenter

Christina Yesbeck is an RVA native, an avid outdoor enthusiast, yoga instructor, and energy consultant. Her gratitude for the natural world developed in the five years she spent living in southwest Virginia. While there, she was confronted first hand with environmental atrocities such as mountain top removal and pipeline construction. The destruction of surrounding ecosystems and resistance of communities that were directly affected spoke to her morals and illuminated the idea that there was something wrong with the way we are getting our energy - not only environmentally, but its social and economic impacts as well. Christina's goal is to bring to light the behind-the-scenes impacts of how we power our homes.

Christina believes that education and action are what will guide us to a greener tomorrow. Her goal is to promote intentional communities that thrive off of values like social responsibility, contribution, support, and integrity. Are we taking responsibility for our lifestyles? Are we informed? Do our actions align with our values? And can we do more?

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