The Beet at Ellwood Thompson's

4 North Thompson St Richmond, VA 23221


There are many new legal developments, nationally and in Virginia, regarding the use and possession of hemp and hemp related products.

These developments have caused confusion as courts, law enforcement, manufacturers, growers, retailers and individuals try to keep up with what constitutes the legal use of hemp. For example, can you possess a hemp flower in Virginia? Are there any CBD related products that are illegal? What about medical marijuana? This Ellwood’s Food Advocates program, moderated by Kirk Schroder and Nick Lasky, will present a lively update on the latest laws and cases regarding hemp. Bring your questions !


Sam Johnston | Attorney, Hoban Law Group

Sam Johnston is a nationally recognized litigator and counsel in the field of Cannabis Law. He led the first landmark case in the US where that the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration were ordered not to interfere with cannabis dispensaries acting in compliance with state medical cannabis laws.

Jason Amatucci | President, Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition

Jason Amatucci founded the non-profit organization the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition (VIHC). The VIHC has accomplished many legislative victories related to the use of industrial hemps across Virginia and the Nation. Jason has been a primary drafter and editor of every industrial hemp bill that has been passed by the Virginia General Assembly.

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