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Calling all ladies who experience painful periods, extremely long periods, absent periods, PMS, & beyond...

Just because this has been your "normal" doesn't mean it has to be.

In this class, Dr. Kailee Karst (DPT) and Heather Tobey (MS) will guide you through the four phases of your menstrual cycle, diving deep into the different hormones at play in each one. Kailee and Heather will describe how eating right and moving well can influence the health of your cycle, and how achieving the right nutrition and movement may vary during the different phases. Their goal is to help you understand how the choices you make around eating and exercising can influence how you feel throughout your cycle to help you be your happiest, healthiest, most comfortable self!

Meet Dr. Kailee Karst

Dr. Kailee Karst found her passion for the field of physical therapy in clinical practice, helping people understand the subtleties of human movement and how to navigate through pain, in order to improve quality of life.

Kailee has taken extensive training in manual therapy through the Virginia Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Institute, and takes a hands on approach in order to help maximize results in physical therapy. While Kailee works with both males and females (treating things like shoulder, back, hip and knee pain), she has taken training through the American Physical Therapy Association in pelvic health and pregnancy and postpartum, and incorporates that knowledge into her holistic approach for care. Kailee has also been teaching yoga for over 8 years, and incorporates breathing and stress management into her PT approach. Feel free to reach out to Kailee directly at MindfulMovement-PT.com/contact.

Meet Heather Tobey

Heather Tobey is a Richmond native and Virginia lover. She earned her Master’s of Science in Nutrition from Logan University and is the nutritionist of Wild Glow Nutrition. In her studies, she was drawn to nutrition pertaining particularly to eating disorders, hormone imbalances, gut dysbiosis, and prenatal care.

Heather supports women in all phases of their relationship with food, teaching them to love their bodies through healthful nourishment. She believes the female body is sacred, beautiful, and full of wonder. Respecting that, Heather uses gentle approaches to healing hormone imbalance, preparing women for conception, as well as supporting women in their pregnancies and postpartum. She follows a non-diet nutrition approach, allowing clients to have freedom in food choices that are best for them in their complex healing journey. Heather incorporates whole foods, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional supplementation to support her clients and elevate them to optimal health.

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