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Have you struggled with chronic yo-yo dieting? Are you wondering what new “fad diet” will work for you in 2019?

Are you concerned with your relationship with food or confused about what to eat in a world of chaotic diet culture?

This class will walk you through the 10 Intuitive Eating principles and will help you learn to trust your body, feed your body what is needs based on its bio-individuality, and break free from yo-yo dieting. Heather Tobey will talk through each principle, provide studies that demonstrate the power of intuitive eating, encourage curiosity and questions, and promote food freedom, complete mind-body-soul healing, and a fuller life. If you have been struggling with emotional eating, binging, dieting, or disordered eating, this class if for YOU!

About the Presenter

Heather Tobey, M.S.

Heather Tobey is a Richmond native and Virginia lover. She earned her Master’s of Science in Nutrition from Logan University and is the nutritionist of Wild Glow Nutrition. In her studies, she was drawn to nutrition pertaining particularly to eating disorders, hormone imbalances, gut dysbiosis, and prenatal care.

In her work, she supports folks in all phases of their relationship with food, teaching them to love their bodies through healthful nourishment utilizing Intuitive Eating principles. Heather is passionate about walking alongside all peoples journeys to support their specific nutritional needs. She follows a non-dieting nutrition approach that allow clients to have freedom in food choices. Heather believes that everyone’s health journey is complex and nonlinear, but that it can be full of joyful eating and living along the way!

Heather is currently working toward her hours to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN). When not working with clients, you may often find Heather running along the James River, adventuring with her dog Indy, cooking up beautiful meals with friends, or singing Avett Brother songs.


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