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Do you ever find yourself growing more and more tense, and even angry, dealing with pent up emotions that you can't quite control?

Or feeling like "This just isn't me?"

In an unbalanced and often polarized world as we are bombarded by toxins, widespread negativity, and 'bad news you cannot refuse', it's helpful to explore ways to live.


  • Safety first when it comes to what we consume
  • Choosing nourishment instead of discouragement

Emotions such as anger, worry, fear and anxiety abound today and as an educator, certified wellness counselor, and holistic practitioner for many years, Georgianne is witnessing more and more extreme behaviors amongst many.

Examples including...

  • The feeling of having a short fuse
  • Being overly 'busy'
  • Numbing the self
  • Road rage
  • Panic disorders
  • Inability to listen to another's point of view...

Is the opposite of love...fear...or hate? Ponder this for yourself...

Georgianne chose the title to this class because of her observations that there abides a pervasive intolerance that appears to be growing in our society. We first must acknowledge this and seek to employ the wisest and most helpful and healthful tools in order to manage and navigate such turbulent times.

Our "diet" is imperative, and it's not just what we eat. What we consume in any form can contribute positively or negatively to our wellbeing and our ability to cope with the myriad stressors that we encounter, including how our phone's battery life impacts our mood. (Yes, it's a thing, as found in this recent article from Medium)

Georgianne's aim in this class is to arm its attendees with tools to navigate these trying, charged times and feelings.

About the Instructor

Georgianne Ginder, MSc, CHWC

Georgianne Ginder holds a master's degree in Education and Holistic Medicine and serves as a wellness counselor in the Department of Arts in Healthcare at VCU. She is the founder of YOUR BEST MEDICINE and CHI RIO Energy Medicine, but her true mission and ministry is truth, faith, fellowship and freedom through education and the pursuit of wisdom and holistic living.

She is a longtime educator and researcher of societal change and encourages lifelong learning. In addition to her position with VCU, Georgianne is a Grief Counselor, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Qi Gong practitioner, writer, poet and member, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, American Society of Bioethics and Humanities, American Holistic Nurses Association, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, and a CSE -- or as Georgianne likes to put it, a Common Sense Expert.

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