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Is numbness and tingling of your hands or feet reducing your quality of life?

The Cleveland Clinic predicts that 30% of Americans will suffer from some form of neuropathy. This health issue can seriously impact your ability to walk, drive, sleep at night and perform simple tasks like getting dressed. We want you to know that you are not alone and there are effective solutions for restoring nerve function by addressing the underlying cause, without the use of medications.

Neuropathy can manifest in many different ways from electrical or pins and needles pain, reduced coordination or decreased reflexes, balance issues, muscle weakness, to reduced sensation. Ultimately, these symptoms relate to nerve damage. With many types of neuropathy, symptoms can be reversed leading to increased stamina, reductions in pain and restored muscle function.

Join Greg Dow, L.Ac. healthcare provider at Centered Richmond Acupuncture and Wellness Center as he discusses why neuropathy happens and how to fix it.

About the Presenter

Greg Dow, L.Ac. of Centered: Richmond Acupuncture & Wellness

Greg Dow completed a four-year masters in acupuncture and herbal medicine at South West Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO. He has several years of experience working with leading experts in natural medicine.

Today Greg integrates his experience to solve complex health issues with a holistic approach that corrects the root of the imbalance, not just the symptoms, so that patients not only resolve their health concerns, but also enhance all aspects of health and most importantly, stay healthy. Greg is passionate about helping his patients experience the same level of well-being he has been able to experience. He uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, several types of Asian bodywork, nutrition therapy and lifestyle coaching to achieve this objective.


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