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The connections between the food we eat, our health, and our environment are MANY.

So let's break it down...

Join Registered Dietian Callie Yakubisin who will explain the numerous interconnected facets of a sustainable diet -- from an nutritional and environmental perspective! Learn methods to evaluate your food decisions from a systems-level approach to promote healthy and sustainable food system changes, for your home, workplace and community. Callie will share simple strategies to manage your "foodprint" and support lifestyles of vibrant health and environmental sustainability. She'll also share credible programs, resources and networks to help you on your sustainability journey.

By the end of the class, you'll leave with better understanding sustainable nutrition and how you can carry it forward in your own life and our community!

About the Presenter

Callie Yakubisin, RD

Callie Yakubisin is the Registered Dietitian for the Richmond Dairy Alliance and for Mechanicsville American Family Fitness location. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics from the University of Pittsburgh and completed her Dietetic Internship at Iowa State University.   

She earned the credentials of Registered Dietitian in 2013. Callie’s experience includes nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy in the clinical setting, public speaking, and nutrition promotion. Callie’s areas of specialty include weight management, performance nutrition, and chronic disease management and sustainability.


GRAND is one of the five district affiliates of the Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (VAND). Our membership includes Registered Dietitians, Registered Dietetic Technicians and students in the Greater Richmond Area. Our mission is to empower our members to be Virginia's food and nutrition leaders.

GRAND members are leading advocates of the dietetic profession in Virginia, serving the public through promotion of optimal nutrition, health and well-being. Our vision is to optimize the health of Virginians through food and nutrition expertise.


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