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Functional Forum RVA is happy to present the Evolution of Medicine's 2nd episode of the series on “Stress and the Brain.”

Building on Part 1 “Understanding Biological Rhythms,” we dive deeper into some of the cutting-edge science on this topic, with interviews from April's PLMI conference as well as interviews with leading clinicians.

In this Forum, we will delve into the complex relationships among the brain, sleep, the microbiome and stress, both environmental and psychological. We interview Dr. Fred Turek, director of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology at Northwestern University.

We are also thrilled to feature Dr. Helen Messier, one of the leading lights at the intersection of functional medicine and genomics, who served as the chief medical officer of both Viome and Human Longevity Institute. Her talk looks at the interconnection of diet, circadian rhythms and the microbiome.

Also featured in this episode is Dr. Cheng Ruan, a functional medicine physician from Houston, TX, who will discuss environmental stressors to the brain, specifically the psychological effects of mold and Lyme. Rounding out the speakers, we have short segments from Dr. Tom Guilliams, who will discuss the effects of chronic stress on the brain, and Jeremie Kubicek, who gives some really interesting insight into the undue stress you might have put on your patients by communicating to them in a way they cannot process effectively. He shares the 5 Voices, and how to use them to transform your patient communication.

We hope you'll join us and spread the word to interested providers about this in-depth medical information.

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