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You've been having pain for more than six months now. You’ve seen the recommended doctors and therapists and yet you still haven't found relief. What else can you do about this pain that is insidiously chipping away at your quality of life?

The answer to your chronic pain may very well lie in the connection between your brain, habits, and diet.

You may not realize this, but after 6 months of being in acute pain and waiting for an injury to heal, your condition is now considered 'Chronic Pain'. Patients in this position often find themselves being shuffled from specialist to specialist in pursuit of the answers and relief, causing even greater frustration and distress. In addition to the frustration, chronic pain also has a profound effect on your nervous system (and vice versa), which impacts how your body perceives and processes pain, further contributing to this cycle.

Perhaps you believe you've been following an "anti-inflammatory diet", but what Ka Wong, a dietitian for over 25 years, will explain in this class may change the way you think about anti-inflammatory eating. When managing chronic pain, all eating is important because a chronic, low-grade inflammation may be what's fueling your persistent pain, and what you eat makes a big difference in your blood inflammatory markers. Basically, if you are chronically inflamed from your diet, things that can hurt will hurt.

So, is there any way to turn the volume down on chronic pain and live a full and enjoyable life again? YES! CPR (Chronic Pain Relief of Richmond) has a three-pronged approach to help you successfully manage chronic pain and get back to living your life! Together, their Psychologist, Meghan Rooney, Psy.D. and Registered Dietitian, Ka Wong, MS, RD have over 35 years of clinical experience helping people find relief from chronic pain.

In this class, learn more about their approach to helping you successfully manage your chronic pain and return to a pain-free life. Past participants in their Anti-inflammatory Eating groups have experienced reduced pain, greater independence from medications, weight loss, improved functional mobility, satisfaction with their eating habits, and more. Leave empowered and educated in your options to resolve chronic pain once and for all.

About the Presenters

Meghan Rooney, Psy.D.

Dr. Rooney believes that through a combination of nutrition and evidence-based psychology, individuals with chronic pain can go from feeling helpless to back in charge of their health and well-being!

Prior to CPR, Dr. Rooney, a 12 year employee of the Veterans Affairs hospital, was a founder and clinical coordinator for the Veteran’s Integrative Pain Clinic at the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Richmond, VA, which offers veterans nutritional, psychological, and medical interventions for chronic pain. This program has been deemed a best practice nationally.

She is very excited to bring this incredible program to members of the Richmond community with CPR!

Ka Wong, MS, RD

Ka is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a masters degree in Clinical Nutrition. She has 25+years of experience in the field of medical nutrition therapy, oncology nutrition, brain health, and inflammatory diseases.

She is the creator of the Anti-inflammatory Eating Group for management of chronic pain at VAMC. The success of this program was shared among medical professionals state-wide and nationally. Her specialty is translating scientific evidence to practical eating advice for the general public, something stems from her career as a professor. This insight has lead her to believe that a healthy diet must not only be nourishing and enjoyable but also suited to one’s lifestyle.


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