The Beet at Ellwood Thompson's

4 North Thompson Street Richmond, VA 23221

Warm up this winter with a cup of homemade, steamy good chai.

Take a fun and easy class from a Bombay born chaiwali, Keya Wingfield, who will share with you the recipe of the hawkers in Bombay. Beckoning weary travelers, they yell out, "chai chai chai!" as they pour out piping hot tea to sell.

You will learn how to make this delicious , cutting chai, a rich tea made with tea leaves, chai masala, and whole milk. It's fragrant, spiced and warm, the perfect thing to savor and share on those cold December evenings.

About Keya

Richmonder. Chef. Entrepreneur. Instructor. Mom.

This is Keya Wingfield. Her culinary education is from Virginia, but her love and passion comes from Bombay, where she was born and raised. But this isn’t your typical “Indian Food”. It’s food by an Indian. Like Keya, it’s complex, diverse...and definitely bold.

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