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Are tantrums, meltdowns and power struggles ruling the family?

Good news! You’re an amazing parent. You’re just the parent of a persistent, strong, spirited child! And that just requires some new tools.

Often time we rely on punishments and rewards to guide children’s behaviors but unfortunately those may backfire - resulting in a bigger, sticker, more hurtful dynamic. But there’s good news! Come learn 5 commons myths about parenting strong wills and learn some new strategies that are evidence based and empowering for both you and your child!

About the Presenter

MegAnne Ford, CPC CPDPE

While studying psychology at VCU, MegAnne Ford fell in love with figuring out how the mind worked. Focusing on positive connection and healthy attachment really drew her in, igniting her passion for working with all different kinds of people!

Over the years, she has worked with well over 500 different children in a variety of life stages and situations. She thrives when building sustaining relationships with the families she works with and loves seeing all the successes over the years! This is what inspired her to become a certified life and parent coach and start Be Kind Coaching.

Throughout the years she has always worked on building unique families’ goals. These goals include where they’d like to see themselves in the future, then building a strategy that will get them there. This can look like reducing yelling inside the home around certain instances, potty training your children, or developing morning/evening routines. She loves working 1:1 with parents, children, teens to get them to the place in life that they wish to be but may be having a hard time achieving on their own. MegAnne believes coaching is about building a relationship of trust together and working together to build a more positive relationship between your family.


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