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"Take a look at the adult you see in the mirror, and try to see, in your eyes, the child you once were. Pay attention to his or her story. And promise that child you once were that you will take him or her on a quest to heal."

-- Donna Jackson Nakazawa, Childhood Disrupted

Join nurse practitioner and functional medicine expert Ashley Mannell for a discussion on how childhood trauma (i.e. adverse childhood experiences) can set the stage for inflammation and chronic disease later in life. Ashley will explain the physical impacts trauma has on the body, how trauma alters gene expression, and why women are more likely to develop autoimmune conditions and digestive disorders later in life as a result of experiencing adverse childhood events.

Ashley will discuss effective mind-body strategies that can help reprogram a person’s stress response, nutrition interventions that will both lower inflammation and nourish a depleted hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal system (the body’s system responsible for the fight or flight response), and other therapeutic treatment options for addressing trauma.

About the Presenter

Ashley Mannell, RD, NP, IFMCP

As the only dual-credentialed psychiatric nurse practitioner and registered dietitian in Virginia who is also a certified practitioner of Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine, Ashley Manell of Richmond Integrative Psychiatric and Nutrition Services is uniquely qualified to provide a highly integrative and nutrition-centered treatment approach for people looking to achieve better mental health without relying solely on medications. She strongly believes that good physical, emotional, and mental health all starts with a healthy gut and that reducing inflammation in the body is key to improving physical and mental wellness.

Ashley’s goal with every patient is not just to treat their symptoms, but to work together with them to identify the underlying causes of the symptoms (which can vary from poor gut health, a taxed adrenal system, poor liver detoxification processes, low-level systemic inflammation, a history of trauma, etc). Treating only the symptoms of depression or other mood disorders is not a long-term solution and should no longer be the standard of care. A functional medicine approach to mental health and psychiatry is proactive, dynamic, collaborative, and integrative.

Learn more about Ashley and her practice at RichmondFoodandMood.com.


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