The Nourish Department carries a wide variety of supplements, body care and lifestyle products (such as incense, candles, yoga essentials, aromatherapy tools and other quality of life enhancers).

Our goal in the Nourish Department is to help our customers find ways to achieve optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit. We begin by sourcing supplement companies that provide transparency and quality control with 3rd party testing, screening the ingredients of both our supplements and body care for clean and safe ingredients, and attentively listening to each customer's needs to help him/her find the right product.

Besides stocking product from national companies that have a wide range of products and a well established reputation for quality and integrity, we also source locally made products to support our community.

We honor our commitment to sustainability by offering an extensive bulk selection of herbal tinctures, clean body care, clays and other materials for DIY body care.

We aim to make every customer feel welcome and supported, focusing on staff education to be better able to help with purchasing decisions.

Fish Oil

We believe in having only the highest-quality tested fish oils. Our products are carefully selected to ensure purity, freshness, potency, bioavailability and sustainability. Every fish oil is required to be third party tested with a Certificate of Analysis through one or more of the following institutions:

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