In our meat and seafood department you will find locally-sourced, grass fed beef, cage-free and organic chicken and wild caught yellowfin tuna, swordfish, salmon, catfish and cod when it is in season.

You will not see meat and seafood that contains growth hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites and our meat and seafood is never factory farmed.

Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Co.


Irradiation-Free Meat

Irradiation is a process used to kill bacteria found in meat products. Not only does irradiation give treated meats unnatural flavor and texture, it can also be used to mask unsanitary conditions in slaughterhouses leaving behind risks of E. Coli and Salmonella contamination. These diseases and others can be spread through the feces and urine that irradiation hides. We won’t sell you meat products exposed to irradiation… ever.

No Growth Hormones, No Antibiotics

Giving animals hormones to up their size and pumping them full of antibiotics to flush their system of bacteria is an upsetting and inhumane way to raise animals in unsanitary conditions. Evidence has proven that ingesting meat and fish raised using these practices is harmful. In our efforts to keep you safe from this type of food, we only purchase meat and fish from farmers who use humane practices to raise animals. This means no hormones and no antibiotics trickling into your body either.

No Nitrates, No Nitrites

Nitrates and nitrites are proven to be toxic to humans, yet many larger grocery store chains allow their use as meat-curing agents, washing away botulism and rancidity. It sounds sick because it really is sick. The consumption of nitrates by children has been known to lead to impairment in oxygen intake, which causes “blue baby syndrome.” Excessive consumption of nitrates and nitrites in adults has been linked with cancer, brain tumors, leukemia and nasopharyngeal. Suffice it to say, we stay far, far away from these chemicals.

No Factory-Farmed Meat Products

Just as we do not offer factory-farmed dairy products, we also do not offer factory-farmed meat products. We refuse to condone inhumane and cruel ways of animal raising practiced by companies who only focus on the bottom line of their ledger.

Sustainably-Farmed Fish

We support suppliers that use sustainable fish farming practices. These practices preserve the quality of fish and the continuation of their species, as it is shown that we humans are notably depleting the world’s fish supply. We want to be part of the solution, not encourage the problem.

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