Nom, nom… Cheese.

There’s nothing like a delicious farmstead cheese.

Our local cheeses typically start with small, family run homesteads that own their own herd, controlling the process the entire way through. These artisan producers don’t use any artificial colorings, dyes or flavors and continually practice sustainable grazing and cheese making techniques year round.

No Dyes, Hormones, Stabilizers and Preservatives

We’ve brought the hammer down on the use of food dyes, growth hormones, preservatives, and stabilizers in the production of cheese. Food dyes contain harmful synthetic ingredients, growth hormones are harmful in and of themselves, and preservatives like potassium sorbate damage us at the expense of clearing mold and bacteria that would not be present in sanitarily produced cheese. The cheese at Ellwood Thompson’s is free of all of these things. We proudly promote good food made under natural means.

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