Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We work with many direct co-ops and suppliers to bring you fresh bulk grains, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs and fresh, in-house ground flax seeds that are competitively priced and of the highest quality. Our suppliers abide by strict environmental and socially responsible standards. They are the leaders in organic bulk goods and have passed our test for quality.

We make every effort to display country of origin and avoid countries with questionable standards or safeguards such as China, Turkey and India. If you find yourself wanting to know more, our employees are knowledgeable on what we carry and available to answer the questions you may have about the products we carry.

We offer incentives when you come into Ellwood Thompson’s with your own container to buy bulk goods. Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to save at our grocery store and allows you to get just the right amount.

The coffee buyers we work with employ a three-step buying process:

  • First, they consider the origins and ethics behind the beans they find. They make sure they know where the beans are coming from and ensure the ethical treatment of the land and people that are at the source of the coffee beans. We tend to buy from small companies who focus on these matters.
  • Next, our buyers look at growing practices and make sure that their coffee beans are sourced from companies focused on sustainability and organic methods such as shade growing. This is why the Rainforest Alliance Certification can be found on our coffees, ensuring that the beans are grown naturally, without pesticides and with much heed given to fair treatment of workers.
  • Lastly, our buyers look for fair and direct trade. They look for beans that come with Fair Trade Certifications that show the farmers involved were invested in by buyers and empowered with business skills to compete in the global market.

These steps promise the companies producing the beans employed personal and direct communication, fair and sustainable prices, exceptional quality, and 100% transparency.

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