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Our focus is on community and providing that community with healthy food that is natural, organic, and locally-sourced. Our team is built of gardeners, recyclers, volunteers, cooks, artists, artisans and healers who are all environmentally conscious people in constant search for the freshest local food and products we can find. We know our stuff and love our city, from the James River to the Blue Ridge Mountains - Richmond, Virginia is our home.

The employees of Ellwood Thompson’s are a proud, knowledgeable, and diverse group of down-to-earth, talented, quirky and inspired individuals who are dedicated to a clear mission. Because of this and because we are a locally-owned and independent market, we don’t take the hiring process lightly. We only hire people who are as passionate and dedicated as the rest of our team.

Our full-time employees enjoy a benefits package that includes eligibility for comprehensive health and dental insurance (with an individual option at no premium cost), short-term disability and life insurance provided at no cost to them. All of our employees are offered store discounts as well as discounts from local businesses and other organizations we partner with, plus more.

If you believe you’d be a great addition to our team, be sure to browse the open positions listed below and follow the instructions on how to apply. Once you send us your application, there’s no need to follow up with a call - we’ll definitely let you know if you’re what we’re looking for.

And remember - *All applicants must be 18 years or older to apply.

Current Job Openings:


Executive Chef/Prepared Foods Manager 

Executive Chef Responsibilities:

  • Be the face of Ellwood’s, deepening the roots of our mission in the RVA community.  Participate in the local cuisine scene; actively pursuing opportunities to participate in high profile food events. 
  • Work closely with Marketing to pursue speaking engagements and/or media events, where, with passion, eloquence and expert knowledge, you will bring attention to our core values and mission.
  • Insure we remain on the cutting edge of our mission with local, organic and healthy foods. Routinely visit other like-minded establishments for inspiration and possible partnerships.
  • Maintain current awareness of the latest social media trends regarding healthy eating and life styles.  Partner with Marketing, to ensure our brand is in the forefront of leading these trends.
  • Working with owner, routinely present and discuss creative, entrepreneurial and opportunistic ideas/initiatives to further our brand, mission and financial success.

Prepared Foods Manager Responsibilities:

  • Oversight of Kitchen Manager and Assistant Front of the House Manager in all food production from the kitchen including hot and cold bars, Made To Order Station, Grab n Go, Deli case, catering and future food truck.
  • Menu design and development focusing on healthy, local and quality ingredients.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to Kitchen Manager, Front of the House Manager future Catering Manager and Food Truck Manager in successful management of all staff in production, counter, utility and catering.
  • Insure top quality food presentation and service, through supervision and guidance of Kitchen management, including accurate signage, attractive displays, utensils and condiments, and well trained knowledgeable staff.
  • Oversee financial responsibility for all prepared foods areas including labor, margin, food cost, and supplies.
  • Play an active role as a member of the core senior staff.  Communicate routinely with Owner and successfully execute Owner’s vision and mission.
  • Manage new initiatives and projects to successful completion including researching requirements, developing a plan and managing the successful execution of the plan.


  • Must have a shared passion for our values and mission.
  • Experienced Chef with a variety of cuisines including vegetarian, vegan and specialty diets.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced at promoting healthy, organic, and locally sourced foods.
  • Experience with food (including vegan and vegetarian) production, costing and menu development.
  • Min 3 years management experience with a team of at least 15.
  • Excellent communication skills including experience speaking in public.
  • Demonstrated ability to creatively execute vision, mission and branding.

Plant-Based R&D Chef

  • Like any other chef, you’ll need the basics of professional cooking, including food handling, knife skills, menu planning, presentation, nutrition, health department regulations and combining different foods for maximum effect.
  • 3 years of culinary experience with plant-based recipes
  • Very good understanding of vegetables – the texture, the nutritional benefits, the availability, the palatable compatibility, etc
  • Love of organic and local foods in recipes
  • High standards and expectations about the quality of food
  • Passionate about plant-based diets as a lifestyle choice

Manager On Duty (FT)

Purpose: To facilitate store security, prompt, friendly, courteous customer service and smooth store operations during designated shifts. 


  • Observe status of each department and report discrepancies, out-of-stocks, performance problems or other relevant conditions to appropriate manager, (leaving notes as needed.)
  • Adjust hours, breaks, and assigned tasks of Customer Service Staff (Cashier-Stockers) as needed to meet the demand of customer flow in the store.
  • Answer customer questions and complaints, or refer to appropriate staff.
  • Ensure accuracy and security of cash received through front end by upholding established money-handling procedures.
  • Keep store in clean, orderly condition during shift. See that spills and other hazardous conditions are cleaned up.
  • Approve personal checks over $300.00, customer charges and returns without receipts.
  • Monitor cooler and freezer temperatures. Troubleshoot equipment breakdowns during shift as needed, using procedures established by General Manager.
  • Ensure phone calls are answered promptly.
  • Deal with shoplifters, disorderly customers, medical emergencies in accordance with established procedures.
  • Back up for cashiers for breaks, ensure that other staff get breaks.
  • Periodically check with cashiers for drops of excess bills and checks and place in safe.
  • Get change for cashiers as needed.
  • Opening Shifts: Ensure that store is opened following established procedures:
    • Ensure that doors are unlocked at established times. Ensure security of receiving door until arrival of Receiver.
    • Check refrigeration units to be sure they are working properly.
    • Ensure that all lights are on.
  • Closing Shifts: Ensure that store is closed following established procedures:
    • Close out drawers not closed by cashiers and put in safe.
    • Ensure safe is locked.
    • Ensure all doors.
    • Ensure that employees exit store in groups of two or more.
    • Ensure lights turned out following established procedures.
  • Leave notes in log for next MOD.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by Front End, Store or Assistant Store Manager.


  • Communications skills: good listening, clear instructions.
  • Experience serving the public.
  • Ability to handle multiple demands.
  • Calmness under pressure.
  • Ability to project an outgoing, friendly personality.
  • Familiarity with natural foods.

Demo Coordinator (FT)

Purpose:  To organize, facilitate, and support all departments with their sampling and product demonstrations in order to provide customers the opportunity to become familiar with our products and to inform the customer of the value of our products.  Additionally to assist with the introduction and marketing of new products brought into the store as well as creating learning/outreach opportunities 


  • When demoing, greet customers and offer samples and information about our products.
  • Work with Purchasing Director and Marketing to learn about new products, their selling points (including nutritional information, pricing, etc.), and how they should be prepared for sampling.
  • Visit food shows when possible and connect with the company representatives – put a name with a face so the company knows who to contact for getting their product into the demo program.
  • Be the link between purchasing and marketing. When the product hits the door, we know it will be displayed, the story told, and a sample in the customers mouth.
  • Ensure all new products getting the proper exposure to the customer.
  • Work to maximize effectiveness of the demo program – scheduling company reps to come in, other department staff to demo, where to set up, policy and procedures for companies to use when doing a demo in the store.
  • Work on the educational series for departments in the store to promote the products and stories behind them.
  • Help with the development of our monthly and weekly flyers going to more of our local and made in house products versus the stock products.
  • Collaborate with Marketing Dept. on events, particularly vendor/vending related, represent Ellwood’s in community.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong Marketing knowledge
  • An in-depth knowledge of natural food industry and products
  • Self-Starter with project management skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and demands
  • Experience serving the public
  • Creative with strong problem solving skills
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills
  • Patience and able to remain calm under pressure
  • An outgoing and friendly personality
  • Basic computer knowledge and Internet research abilities
  • Flexible schedule, especially weekends
  • Neat personal appearance at all times.  Must wear clean apron and name tag while on the sale floor for demonstrations. 

Cashier (FT)

Purpose: To provide friendly, courteous customer service by checking out customer purchases promptly and accurately                       


  • Cashiering
    • Come to work on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to work.
    • Greet customers, offer friendly helpful service.
    • Check out customer purchases quickly and accurately, using correct prices, departments and PLU codes.
    • Call for back-up as needed so that customers wait as little as possible to be checked out.
    • Bag groceries and ask customers if they need further help.
    • Promote special events and exciting sale items.
    • Become familiar with store policies and products in order to answer customer questions.  Refer unresolved questions to Manager on Duty.
    • Follow security procedures with customers, cash-handling, potential shoplifters or robbers.
    • Maintain checking area in clean, orderly condition. 
    • Maintain shopper and register supplies at checkstands.
    • During down times, actively seek out work that needs to be done.
  • Customer Service
    • Answer and route phone calls, take messages as needed.
    • Issue credits to customers for returned items.
    • Help customers with placing special orders.
  • Front End Maintenance
    • Keep registers, register belts, and front work area in a clean, orderly condition.
    • Remove trash promptly, sweep and mop floor.
    • Take milk bottles to back.
    • Monitor the café area, whipping down tables and sweeping the floor as necessary.
      • Beyond the above listed duties, it is the employee’s responsibility to respond to any task that is deemed necessary for the smooth operation of the department.


  • Must possess outstanding communication and people skills.
  • Must be able to execute multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Experience serving the public.
  • Familiarity with natural foods.
  • Accuracy & attention to detail.
  • Ability to lift 25+lbs.

Produce Steward (FT)

Key Skills: Customer Service, Merchandising, Organization, Product Knowledge, Quality Control, Product Receiving, Communication/Teamwork

Customer Service:

  • Engage with all customers
  • Answer any and all questions, if you don’t know the answer refer to another source
  • Be courteous and helpful to all Customers


  • Make sure Department looks presentable
  • Product needs to be rotated and stocked neatly
  • Go through product, cull inferior product
  • Compost Product that is pulled from floor
  • Make sure signage is correct for all items
  • Front and Face product, pull out of date product 


  • Ensure all product is rotated in back stock area
  • Make sure all product is labeled and dated
  • Make sure cases of product are placed and rotated appropriately
  • Make sure basic cleaning procedures are followed depending on shift duties
  • Maintain backstock area
  • Perform cleaning duties relating to maintaining backstock area
  • Note any ideas that may improve efficiency of organization 

Product Knowledge:

  • Know or be willing to learn about produce, garden plants, and items
  • Have or be willing to learn basic knife and prep work skills
  • Be able to follow basic recipes
  • Be able to give product advice 

Quality Control:

  • Ensure all product is up to Ellwood’s Standards
  • Remove, shrink, and compost product that does not meet standards
  • Make sure plants are watered, remove dead ones, and compost

Product Receiving:

  • Sign for Product
  • Organize, label, and move product to appropriate storage area
  • Note any defective, ruined, or rotten product
  • Stack and move around product according to “First in First Out”

Communication / Teamwork:

  • Communicate effectively with other Stewards and Management
  • Refer to white board To-Do lists
  • View the department as a team, working together to ensure excellent service for our customers, and a beautiful, high-quality department
  • Keep open lines of communication with coworkers and management, looking for quick resolutions and always maintaining a positive work environment.
  • Help other Stewards with tasks that require it
  • Assist others in our department with watering, cleaning, stocking, merchandising, etc.
  • Try to have a good attitude and appreciate your coworkers 

Indulge Steward (PT)

Typically 20 hours per week; normal work days Fridays-Mondays

(Estimate 10 hours/week in the Beet Café and 10 hours/week in Indulge department)

Purpose:  To provide prompt, friendly, helpful, well-informed service and maintain a well-stocked, attractive department to help meet goals for sales, margin and customer service.


  • Assist customers with wine questions, in prompt, friendly, courteous manner, referring them to other staff when necessary.
  • Offer suggestions for purchases and food pairings, wine storage and handling, etc.
  • Help customers place special orders.
  • Stay abreast of industry developments and product status.  Read trade journals and other materials provided by Wine Buyer.
  • Report customer suggestions, comments, complaints to supervisor
  • Stock and face shelves and displays fully without overcrowding.
  • Ensure proper dept. signage including pricing, pairing notes and tasting notes
  • Help process Wine deliveries.
  • Take inventories for Wine Buyer on request.
  • Spot check price changes and product changes.
  • Notify manager of returns and damaged bottles.  Keep accurate shrinkage records.
  • Maintain department shelves, displays, aisles and storage areas in clean, orderly condition, meeting health department standards. 
  • Participate in inventory counts.
  • Serve beer and wine in the Beet Café as needed


  • Demonstrated knowledge and interest in learning more regarding wine, cheese and gourmet food.
  • Minimum of one year wine experience, preferably in retail setting
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Must be friendly and professional.
  • Ability to handle multiple demands.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs often, every day.
  • Close attention to detail.

Barista (2FT & 1PT)

Job Summary: To prepare and maintain the high standards of the coffee, tea, juice and smoothie bar.


  • Connects with customers
  • Sets the example for the department by delivering exceptional customer service at all times
  • Prepares all drinks and juices to meet stores product stands
  • Follows health, safety and sanitation guidelines for all products
  • Follows store policy and procedures for operational flow at each production station
  • Follows standards for merchandising, stocking, rotating and storing products
  • Performs cleaning tasks in accordance with the duty rosters and cleaning standards
  • Ensures all prep work is done and stocked
  • Promotes special events and exciting sale items
  • Becomes familiar with store policies and products in order to answer customer questions
  • Follows security procedures with customers regarding cash-handling etc.
  • Maintains checking area in clean, orderly condition
  • During down times, actively seeks out work that needs to be done
  • Keeps registers and front work area in a clean, orderly condition
  • Removes trash promptly, sweep and mop floor


  • 1-2 years’ experience making specialty coffee or juice drinks/food prep experience
  • Organized, attention to detail
  • Ability to lift 50+ lbs
  •  Manual dexterity with hazardous equipment

Meat/Seafood Steward (FT)


  • Provide our Customers with exemplary service, able to discuss choices with customers and give recommendations
  • Have a clear understanding of, and belief in, sustainable practices as they apply to the meat/seafood department
  • Experience with food handling in a professional setting/with meat and seafood preferred
  • Adhere to all local, state, and federal health and civil code regulations.
  • Price and display product in cases as directed by the department manager.
  • Assist in wrapping and labeling product as required.
  • Excellent attention to detail in all aspects of work
  • Help maintain proper product assortment and merchandising
  • Maintain safe, clean and well-organized working and shopping environment
  • Weekend availability is required.

Bakery Counter Steward (FT)

Job Summary: Under general supervision performs a variety of duties including stocking, packaging, organizing, cleaning and answering customer questions regarding baked goods, orders etc.


  • Describe, to customers, breads, rolls, muffins, cookies, pies, cakes, biscuits and other pastries, including icings and frostings, according to established signage and answer questions regarding ingredients.
  • Provide excellent customer service, helping customers with choosing and recommend items for taste and specialty diets.
  • Package and stock a variety of baked goods.
  • Ensure displayed baked goods are fresh, remove any that have become stale.
  • Make certain display areas are full and look appetizing at all times.
  • Cleans and maintains work areas, utensils and equipment.
  • Understands ingredient list as it pertains to specialty diets.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Good time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Previous customer service experience, preferable in food environment
  • Professional food handling experience and/or certification preferred
  • Working knowledge of the natural food industry a plus

Create Steward (PT)

  • 2 years of experience is required
  • Must be able to prepare made to order sandwiches and salads
  • Typical schedule would be Sundays and Monday working counter, Thursdays and Friday doing prep.
  • Must have a flexible schedule
  • Approximately 25 hours per week

Production Chef (2 PT)

  • 2 or more years of experience required
  • Breakfast/brunch experience helpful (for one of the two open positions)
  • Serve Safe certification a plan
  • Knowledge of Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine a plus
  • Must be able to work with other hard working cooks
  • Must have a flexible schedule


If you are interested in this position please email your resume and cover letter or download and complete an application from our website. 

Ellwood Thompson's offers a great benefits package including group health and dental coverage with an option for health/dental insurance at no cost to the employee, STD and Life Insurance 100% paid by company, accrued paid time off, profit sharing, employee discounts, 401K after one year, and more!


How to Apply:

  1. Come in to our store! We love putting faces to names. When you get here, walk up to our Customer Service desk and ask for the Manager on Duty. Tell them what position you’d like to apply for and they’ll be sure to get you the right application. You can fill it out in-store or at home, but be sure to take your time. You’re free to attach your resume to your application - we love seeing resumes, too! Once you’re done, return your application to the Manager on Duty or anyone at the Customer Service desk.
  2. Download your Ellwood’s Job Application (PDF) and fill it out, taking your time to make sure you give us everything we’re looking for. After you’re done email it to or bring it in! Hand it to the Manager on Duty or anyone at the Customer Service desk.

Remember, most of our positions get filled quickly and we are looking for the best, so make sure you shine!

And again - no phone calls - you can bet we’re on top of it!

Thank you for your interest!