Sustain RVA: Renew Richmond

It began as an idea among friends and colleagues. A vision that through combined efforts, teamwork, and a little sweat, could change Richmond for the better. We Richmonders love our city. We love the James River, Downtown, the Fan, the art, the events, the low cost of living relative to all of the super cool things we have access to. We love it all. But sometimes, we forget to slow down and take some time to give that love back to the city that gives so much to us. On the foundation of the belief that we can pull resources together and create a movement, we established sustainRVA and created the organizations first ever event – RENEW RICHMOND.

Saving Money on Organics…

Last week we had a little visit from WRIC TV8 where they asked us a simple question, “How do you save money on organics?” Here’s what we had to say:

1. Buy foods that are local and in season: When you purchase local and in season foods, you’re getting these items at their peak freshness and seasonal availability. Prices on foods that are in season tend to be much cheaper than buying foods out of season. When you add in the local factor, you end up not having to pay extra for transportation costs and you’re keeping money in your local economy.

2. Buy in bulk: Buying in bulk saves you money because you have the ability to get the exact amount you need. You’re also not paying the extra costs of packaging which saves much more than money. Buying in bulk creates far less waste than packaged foods, keeping plastics and materials out of the landfill. We also give a 10-cent container credit when you bring in your own empty container for bulk purchases.

3. Shop sale prices and use coupons: Our buyers work hard to provide you with competitive prices throughout our store. Look for the big yellow sale tags that indicate specials on delicious, organic items. We also offer money-saving coupons available at our registers. Most companies also offer printable coupons online on their websites.

Good People in Richmond – Craig Dodson

Good People In Cycling, Episode I – Craig Dodson, Richmond Cycling Corp from Road Holland on Vimeo.

While so much of the world may see cyclists as neon spandex clad ants that take up too much of the road, the reality is that there are so many wonderful people involved in our sport. To highlight them, Road Holland is kicking off a film series entitled “Good People In Cycling.” In each episode we’ll take a look at people who are doing extraordinary but often unsung work to help others.

Episode I features Craig Dodson of the Richmond Cycling Corp from Richmond, VA. Craig founded RCC as a way to give back all that he got out of cycling to kids who might otherwise never get on two wheels. In the process, he’s changing lives. For more information about Craig and Richmond Cycling Corp visit

Scrambled Eggs

This great and informative video from CornucopiaInstitute reveals the truth about egg production, even shines some light on large-scale organic egg production and how easy it is to bend the rules. At Ellwood Thompson’s we ONLY carry locally-grown, sustainably pasture-raised eggs. For more information on our egg selection, please click here.

VIDEO: Get to know Ellwood's

If you’re not that familiar with our store, we’ve just created this short video that explains our history and philosophy a little bit more. Check it out, let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your feedback. And if you are familiar with our store, thanks for being a customer! We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

Independent We Stand!

Local businesses aren’t just “moms and pops.” They’re brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins, neighbors and friends. They’re also scout leaders, volunteer firemen, Little League coaches. They’re the folks who sing in the church choir, rescue animals and help feed the less fortunate — all the people who make your community a wonderful place to live. To find and support local businesses in your area please visit Independent We Stand on the web at

Featured in the video is the owner of Ellwood Thompson’s, Rick Hood, featured at 1:25 in. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

Our New Commercial Featuring Victory Farms and Ed Trask

If you’ve been watching CBS 6 in the evenings, there’s a good chance that you might have seen our newest commercial! It shows the process of a tomato from farm to our store to a families table. That farm just so happens to be Charlie & Gina’s Victory Farm and that table just so happens to be Richmond muralist and legendary drummer Ed Trask’s. We teamed up with Ed and his wife, Charlie & Gina and our good friends over at RVA Magazine to shoot this fun commercial. The music is by our friends The Hot Seats from Virginia. If you like their music, make sure to check them out! The video above is the 60 second extended version of the commercial, click here for the 30 television version.