Rick Hood

After another year of challenges, I think about what Ellwood's is grateful for and my hopes for 2022.

  1. We all are so thankful for our stewards who have shown tremendous resilience, commitment and love for our mission during this testing time.
  2. Our appreciation of our customers who have shown loyalty, support and engagement with Ellwood's throughout this past year.
  3. Clarifying the truths of how to strengthen ourselves to avoid chronic diseases that increase our vulnerability to covid. Explaining the benefits of preventive and natural medicine and health, organic foods, natural supplements and a healthy environment are so helpful in building strong immune systems.
  4. We will continue to educate by exposing the bad---how our deteriorating public health and chronic disease epidemic is directly related to our degenerative food, farming and land use practices---while highlighting the good---how organic and local food and natural health practices can resolve our health, environmental and climate crisis.
  5. Strive to encourage more people to understand that organic, regenerative and healthy food is the best medicine, complemented with natural health practices; while chemical-intensive, energy intensive, genetically engineered food, farming and industrial medicine are killing us and the planet.
  6. Discover and implement different ways such as outdoor activities to instill community which has always been the heart of Ellwood’s.

Looking forward to a healthier and happier 2022.

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