By Jordan Douglas, HHC

Hi everyone! My name is Jordan Douglas, and I’m thrilled to be the Health Coach for Ellwood Thompson’s. I want to share a bit about myself, my background and philosophy.

While studying at the University of Virginia, I had the unique experience of two very different types of education. Beyond pursuing my Bachelors in French, I divided my time between fulfilling all of the pre-medicine requirements and completing a minor in dance. The pre-med classes gave me solid grounding in the world of science. The dance minor program, however, gave me joy, freedom and knowledge about my body and how it moves, works and interacts in space. Through friends, professors and mentors, I received an anecdotal crash course into the world of alternative healing. My attraction to this world was magnetic. I experienced something lacking in my pre-med world: passion and the belief that, given the right tools, the body has the power to heal itself. It also invited me to question my framework and threw a proverbial fork in the road: continue down the path of conventional medicine or forge a new path in the world of alternative healing. I chose the latter.

I began exploring healing professions that more strongly aligned with this shift in perspective. I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and became a certified Holistic Health Coach. IIN gave me a year of guided growth, allowing me to experiment with food, movement and spirituality to discover what serves me and what empowers me to thrive. I cultivated a grounded sense of self, a home-base, a place from which to give and serve in a more authentic way.

As I began practicing as a health coach, I found myself seeking a deeper understanding of nutrition and herbal medicine. Inspired by a thirst for more comprehensive, scientifically-grounded knowledge, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Health, Herbal Medicine Concentration at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH).

I believe in the life-changing power of food and in the power of plants to heal. I have felt the shift in my own body that comes with awareness, curiosity and alignment in choosing how to nourish myself. I am passionate about helping others find their home-base and build a toolbox of their own so that they may be present and thrive in their lives. As a health coach, I serve as a guide and sounding board to help others investigate and discover what works best for them in terms of diet, movement and herbs. Both in my own practice and in my offerings here at Ellwood’s, I hope to meet you wherever you are on your journey and provide inspiration and gentle guidance on your path of growth.

Looking to learn more about herbal medicine, sustainable nutrition practices, healthy recipes, and more? Ellwood Thompson’s Health Coach has you covered.

As Ellwood’s Health Coach, Jordan Douglas provides free (seriously!), personalized 30-minute nutrition counseling sessions every Thursday from 5-7pm.* She’ll even walk you around the market and show you the supplements, brands, and products she recommends for you - making restocking your pantry and fridge with the right stuff a little less daunting. She also runs our Health Coach blog and keeps it full of the latest health and nutrition news.

To sign up for a session, email Jordan at and mention the time and date of the Thursday you’d like to meet. She’ll email you back to confirm your appointment, or she’ll work with you to find another opening. If you need to cancel your appointment, make sure to give Jordan at least 24-hours’ notice.

*Ellwood Thompson’s supports Jordan Douglas’ integrative approach to health and healing but is not liable for any treatment plans recommended during her free consultations.

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