Given the public concern regarding the integrity, truthfulness and quality of olive oil, Ellwood’s has studied the state of the industry to be able to source healthy, high quality, real olive oil. We have identified Sadeg Organic Olive Oil as our house olive oil.

Sadeg Organic Olive Oil is the oldest California olive oil producer. In 1936 they began cold pressing olive oil. Four generations and over eight decades later, they remain 100% family owned and operated.

In terms of quality, all of California is holding itself to a higher standard than imported olive oils. The OOCC (Olive Oil Commission of California) has the strictest standard in the world, which is actually enforced, unlike olive oil from anywhere else. The olive oil is 100% cold pressed, 100% California, GMO free, kosher and 100% extra virgin certified. The olives are fresh-harvested from groves that are 100% certified organic. That means no pesticides or herbicides in the process, anywhere.

Sadeg captures the full fruity flavors of fresh olives while balancing with a subtle peppery finish. Besides selling Sadeg retail in the store and providing to our salad bar, we use this olive oil in our dishes made in our kitchen and CREATE bar.

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