and their clean CBD oil

Hemp/CBD is no magic bullet, but it is sure close to one. Supplying necessary cannabinoids to the endocannabinoid system within our body, CBD hosts a variety of benefits, including aiding in sleep, anxiety, inflammation, digestion, and more.

Our newest CBD vendor, kämé NATURALS, out of Goochland, VA, offers an all-natural, chemical free CBD oil, designed to bring balance and offer relief for a healthier life. Their sustainable philosophy starts in the soil and goes all the way to the recycled and compostable packaging.

kämé NATURALS is the brainchild between one permaculture farmer and one clean CBD enthusiast. Cam and Reed, the two behind kämé, met 8 years ago while working for different companies on the same account, but their story starts much earlier.

Reed began using and experimenting with CBD years ago, much before it became as wildly popular as it is today. He noticed the benefits it brought immediately and sought to help others through CBD’s medicinal properties. However, his mother was his true inspiration for starting a clean CBD business. She suffered from Osteoarthritis, never getting a full night’s rest for nearly four years until Reed convinced her to try CBD, which brought her the first real relief she had in years.

Cam came from a little further away. Originally from South Africa, he lived around the world and finally settled in the U.S. with his wife Sarah. Before becoming a farmer, Cam worked for many years in the wine business, but one trip to Oregon changed his view on life. There he experienced and learned more about the world of sustainable agriculture and decided that was what he needed to do with his life. He left his career and trained in permaculture and regenerative agriculture, becoming dedicated to bringing balance and sustainability to his environment.

When the “Green Rush” of 2018 hit the States and CBD became popular, Cam and Reed joined together driven by the same sustainable philosophy, and a need for an option with greater transparency within the market, to create kämé NATURALS. The name, of course, has just as interesting an origin as the company itself. Originating from a combination of their children’s first initials they soon learned that ‘kame’ is also Japanese for turtle. With their farm already named Terrella Farm, meaning "little Earth", the image of a turtle fit perfectly. In some Native American culture the turtle is shown to represent Mother Earth, a symbol that seemed all so apt for their sustainable philosophy. Cam considers himself a soil farmer before being a hemp or any other kind of farmer. The soil is where he starts their clean process, feeding their worms organic matter as a way to keep the soil healthy and full of beneficial microbes. Whatever is in the soil ends up being transferred to the plants, making it crucial that no chemicals or fertilizers are used throughout the entire process. The hemp is surrounded by desired plants that suppress weeds and mine the soil for nutrients whilst protecting against pests and attracting beneficial insects for predation and pollination. As a way to create a balance throughout the farm, they keep chickens, ducks and geese to further help fertilize and ‘till’ the soil, dogs to protect them and will soon have goats to keep weeds at bay. Last year’s crop was grown without electricity, machinery, fuel, or running water as they let mother nature run its course on the farm. kämé’s priority is not profit, but rather leaving their environment in better shape than when they started.

Once the hemp is ready for processing, it is hand cut, and hung in their processing facility. After it is dried, they freeze the hemp at extremely low temperatures and tumble it to separate the kief from the rest of the plant. They then create a resin which is mixed with organic MCT coconut oil, offering the cleanest product on the market.

Cam and Reed invite anyone to come tour Terrella Farm and see for themselves just how natural their process is.

You can find kämé Naturals’ CBD Oil in our Nourish Department next to the customer service desk. And be on the lookout for new products, their first soap just a few weeks away. And we hear that relief and repair salves as well as bath salts are nearing the end of research and will be available later in the year…

Website www.kamenaturals.com Instagram @kamenaturals

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