May Vendor of the Month

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s taught us the importance of soap.

Pre-pandemic, soap was just kind of there for some of us. Yes we bought it, but it was often taken for granted. It was there and did the important job that it’s meant to do, but did you ever think there would be a time where you thought soap would be scarce? Or a time where access to soap could mean the difference between life or death in your own home? Honestly, at least for this writer, no.

But when the pandemic hit, and I started washing my hands 25+ times a day, I definitely began to notice and think about the ubiquity of soap. And almost immediately, I started to feel the effects of strong, chemical based soaps on my skin. No amount of Working Hands could keep my hands from cracking… it was terrible.

If you’re like me, the pandemic emphasized the significance of clean, good for you ingredients in everyday products like soap or body wash, even lip balm (no one wants that harsh, synthetic wax rubbing all over your face under your mask… talk about maskne…). It also emphasized the essential need for self care. Being stuck indoors with the same people for over a year definitely calls for a few hot baths to escape from everything. We learned that we deserve and need to treat ourselves well, to keep us healthy and happy.

Luckily for us, Cricket Cove Soap Co has been making organic, all natural handmade coconut milk soap in the Richmond area for over 10 years.

Britt Hayes, founder and owner of Cricket Cove has always had a passion for soap. Every since she can remember, soap has fascinated her.

"I have always had a love for the natural side of life. Respecting nature and its environment has been important to me. Being a creative girl, my life's passion developed when I purchased my first handmade bar of soap. I was hooked and had to create it myself!

Hand cutting each bar makes each bar of soap unique like a snowflake. I love how variations and imperfections in the shape of soap can be so amazingly beautiful!

While spending many hours experimenting and researching, I realized I would be able to create and work with a variety of beneficial and skin nourishing ingredients. Nothing is more fulfilling to me!"

  • Britt Hayes, Founder and Owner of Cricket Cove Soap Co

Over the years, as Cricket Cove has grown, it has become a whole family affair. Britt makes every product at home herself, but often leans on her husband and children to help with deliveries, packaging, and more. Their close knit production brings out the local, and organic feel and allows Britt’s personality to shine through each bar, balm, or bomb.

All of Cricket Cove’s soaps are made through what is called a “cold process method”, meaning they are never heated or cooked, leaving all the natural ingredients and benefits alone to do their job best. Cold processing takes up to 42 times longer than processing soap with heat, but it is very much worth it in the end. Cold processed soaps are more foamy, longer lasting, and luxurious, offering a higher quality experience, and leaving your skin moisturized, and nourished. Plus, with the edition of natural exfoliants such as oats, almonds, and even sand, Cricket Coves soaps keep your skin clean and soft.

With our skin being our largest and most absorbent organ in our body, Britt emphasizes the importance of all natural, clean living through her soaps. All of Cricket Cove’s products are made with 10 simple ingredients or less, allowing customers to know exactly what is going onto their body.

As our world starts to slowly open back up, I hope some self care habits continue after the pandemic. I hope we all continue to care about what goes into our bodies, how we should treat them, and how we should treat the world around us.

You can find Cricket Cove’s products in our Nourish Department, on the Vendor of the Month shelf or online through our website.

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